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staying involved with their user base is a great way to keep people coming back for more.

props to these guys for the contest.

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after 22 months of intelligence gathering the army decided that the school had no wmd's and osama wasn't there either. the army will invade the school in 2 weeks anyway, followed shortly by a visit from the president proclaiming "mission accomplished".

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1. there is always a 10 year old that is better than I am. (you too).
2. profanity is a gaming requirement.
3. controllers are made of plastic so that they break before your TV does.

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the first game was great. this should be even better.

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Good job assclown. Did the NPD confirm the world is still flat too?
Careful you don't get too close to the edge and trip on your IQ and fall off.

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Sucks to be your last bubble right about now.

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I wanted this game to come out and be good or even great, maybe a sleeper hit, whatever. Now after another delay there's really no way the company is going to do well with it, nor will I bother spending 60 bucks on something whose hype has worn off. There are way too many good titles this year for a game to be delayed over and over and still expected to have a good showing.
It's a shame really, all the "wait beyond" fanboy crap aside this could have filled an excellent niche ...

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wow, custom soundtracks are the biggest selling point on a game for me for sure...

Because I only have the mental capacity to use 1 piece of electronic equipment in my home at a time. You see, I'm too stupid to get off of my couch, open a playlist on my PC and play it. I saw a guy on TV do it once, but it's far too technically challenging for me to duplicate. I'm forced to use my PS3 to do all of my personal entertainment work so if there isn't a custom soundtrack in the game I...

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stupid bot. handicapped is not a hyphenated word. unless you are.

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it's worse. the word is worse. say it with me... w o r s e

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Golden M60 - done
Golden mini uzi - done
Golden shotgun - done
52 more headshots needed with the mp 44 (my god that gun suks) for the golden AK47.
Sniper - eh, um, well that's gonna be a while yet...

no more bubbles... :(

@jackedup - 10 times and no there isn't.

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damn kids were probably all hepped up on the rap music too...

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this kid sucks at life. just do us all a favor and die so the rest of the country isn't tied down for the next 60 years supporting your non-working, unemployment compensation abusing, the world owes me something a$$.
fvck off "reid". clean your house while you're at it.

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Microsoft isn't going anywhere. Get over it and go read a real thread.

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1 day at a time man.

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1. stop using my word.
2. he was defending the PS3, so go easy man.

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In the spirit of respecting your views I'll just say I disagree with your view.

Saddam had no WMD's and that is very well documented. The last he had we're used on the Kurds a decade earlier. I'm also not sure on how up on your history you are, but you might find it interesting in looking up who put Saddam in power in Iraq. While your at it, Google "CIA Training and Osama" and see what you get for results.

Make no mistake I think the attack on the US wa...

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lmao, you mean like Fox "news"? we're spoon fed what the government wants us to hear and see. it's a fvcking joke anymore. No one with an ounce of common sense will get elected for president in November. It's a personal / ploitical agenda fueled by big money and big business with their own interests at stake.

did anyone actually look at the clean air / fuel emissions bill passed recently? it's nothing more that a faceplate to allow everything to continue as is with no...

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Maybe that can cover the range of people that refuse to actually read the article before thay flame it to death.

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