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this looks like it's going to be a really cool game. i wish we got more like this on consoles.

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wow i'm tired of this. also a bit confused. when did we start caring so much about how games looked? i appreciate good graphics, but I'd rather have a fun game that works any day. you guys remember, games that you couldn't wait to get home from work or school to jump on and party up with your friends, play all night. it didn't matter how they looked. somewhere this gen that got lost. games like halo and killzone 1, they were pretty straightforward, but they burned themselves i...

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Right there with you on that.

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wow, that's just terrible. I'm really glad fox news is looking out for me so I don't turn into a rapist. <rolls eyes>. Maybe tomorrow when UPS drops off my copy at my house I'll have a long hard think about it before I put it in my PS3 and have a blast.

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this game's popularity confuses me.. I loved MW, I couldn't wait to play it and try to get the headshots for red camo and the gold guns. I loved MW2 right up until everyone figured out OMA and danger close. I liked the way the guns looked and the selection of wepons, the framerate was nice, the game flowed pretty well and even the over powered killstreaks didn't bother me. I had classes to shoot stuff down. the commando thing was pretty lame but w/e. Black Ops was a different stor...

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@higster. Fill up a flamethrower. Light hin on fire. keep hitting him with it when u can. Stay away from him and eventually hell just die.

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“working to resolve” the issues with the matchmaking system, dropping of teammates and players, freezing, and other problems with the game.

lmao, crytek is fixing black ops?

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the more I see of this game the more fun it looks like it's going to be.

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Not too concerned with the graphics. I think it looks like a blast.

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Lmfao. Its like watching the av guy from family guy fight with himself. Sorry guys no offense just struck me as very funny reading this.

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I was looking forward to this game so im basing quite a bit from these reviews. Does look like a buy or a rent?

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Kotakus in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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I think its awesome that we get offered the map packs later. Now theyll come out after kz3 and sell even less. Get bent treyarch and take your shit game with you.

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after the mess that blackops is and MW2 was, sorry to say but no $60 for you this year activision. thank the last two hot messes you sold me for this year's pass on your game.

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i don't care for this console war bs, but the idea that dlc for broken ops going to the xbox first and anyone is upset about it is laughable. i swear on all that's holy treyarch will not see another cent from me. MW was a fun game, MW2 would have been terrific if not for the OMA / noob tubes and the umpando class. black ops is a total failure as a game. there's kz3, crysis and resistance 3 to look forward to, not to mention LBP2, dead space and mass effect. treyarch can suck it.

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lmfao, he's back. Awesome. Have a bubble sniper.

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I logged in just to give you a bubble for that comment. well said and wow is it true.

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I actually really enjoyed the game. If the framerate wasn't so bad and the trophies would unlock, this would have been up there with my all time favorites. The weapon system was really original and fun, the maps are huge and the missions can take a really long time if you go exploring. I didn't much care for the driving, but I got really excited every time I saw a weapons chest so I could see what was inside.

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Patcher has announced that you can now subscribe to his weekly blog. The cost is only 500 ms points. He takes paypal.

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I love these games.

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