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Shut Up writer, Wii U is not a failure, the Vita is.

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PES Brazil 2014 coming exclusively to PS3.

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The Vita is much more doomed than the Wii U.

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EA what did Nintendo did to you? Your fans are there crying for a soccer game on their U,and you are making another for last gen. consoles.... shame on you ;

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Playbox Uii

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so you are 10yrs old, then get out of here do you wanna get corrupt by n4g users?

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ONE4U sounds nice, but all of you in here didn't read the article.

It's about controlling children on what to play, kiddish games for kids and COD for mature gamers.

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Nintendo Wii U is an underrated console just because of Nintendo's foolishness.

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Nintendo Wii U is an underrated console just because of Nintendo's foolishness

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Power rating:
PS4 = 10
Xbone = 8
Wii U = 6
X360 = 4.5
ps3 = 4.4
Wii = 2.5
Xbox = 2.3
Gamecube = 2.0
ps2 = 1.6

Gameplay :
Wii U = 10
PS4 = 9.2
Xbone = 9
ps360 = 8
ps2\xbox\gc =6

Thus, the Wii U is highly an underrated 8th gen console

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Quiet, Wii U is way more powerful than ps360, also it is next gen not by it's power but by it's release timing.

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Ignore the fact that is half way in between last gen and next gen, i.e ps3 < Wii U < Ps4, Nintendo is still the best.

Watch out for their 9th gen. hardware in 2018 it will blow ps5 out of the water ;;;

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@Kingthrash 360
The Wii U has sold more than 3 months old ps4. { FACT }

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wii u will dominate......

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shin'en, you are too much.

You are the KING of hardware

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Wii U was lunched with 33 games Nov 18, 2012 which is more than Ps4 23 games and the BONE 18 games. Moreover, the Wii U has a year head start and has over 60 games now of all varieties (kid to adults.), hence wider demography than Ps4 18 games.

On the other hand the Ps4 has its own advantages, one of which is; '' higher specs'' .

Can the Wii U compete ?

Of course it could ...
Could Even beat the BONE if not Ps4 ...

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Up!!! Wii U go !!!

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All the same, Wii U has more NEXT gen games than Ps4 & the BONE whether it had been released a year or not.

If Wii U is released this year, who knows if it might be as POWERFUL as the Ps4 if not more.

As it is now (by the writer), the Wii U as EDGE over the others.

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wii u & ps4 = 100% greatest value

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i believe Nintendo will bounce back with the Wii U

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