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Notch has shown he's quite talented with Minecraft. Its an amazing game. Good to know he's not going to outsource his talent in the name of money.

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They should just get rid of killing and make the game like real modern warfare--cyber attacks and hacking.

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The Batman beyond one is so sick. Definitely the best one.

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He lost pocket change

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Ahhh, I cant still remember the good ole' days when N4G still had gaming news. Such good memories...

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PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE! I loved this franchise!!

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Wait, he was 20 years old and living with his father? This is a sad story, but the father should have taken charge, he after is the father and has to make sure his son is okay no matter what. The fact that the father didn't sii a person sitting at a screen for 12 hours at a time as destructive is pretty shameful. He should have made his son get exercise, eat healthy etc. Even more shameful is how the Sun makes the about video games and divorce. It's about unhealthy lifestyles, which c...

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is it me, or does it smell trolly in here?

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I'm not playing it for the first time. I've had TF2 for a very long time. When it became FTP almost nobody knew how to kill a dead ringer spy. That's why i did so well. The game has gotten a little better since, but there are still a lot of people who have no idea what they're doing.

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Not really meant to be offensive. As someone who bought the game, its just a name for people who got it for free and are really really bad. (Then again, i have no idea how good you actually are) Hey, when I can get over 50 kills as a spy in a single life...
But keep playing, best game ever :)

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FTPtard... just sayin..... but play on! Its a great game

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I like the first one on the wii, such a shame not many people played, it was really fun, loved the sense of humor it offered

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is they add 10GB of RAM in their next console, it could destroy gaming. Devs will then dump millions more into making their games use all the power and wont see returns in sales if games continue to sell at their current rates and current prices.
10GB of RAM = more expensive games, and my guess would be upwards at around $80-$90 a copy at first, which would be just ludicrous.

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Texas isn't exactly the most empowering state for women to begin with. And if the even is on private property, the owner can say women can't go.

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Like make terrible COD games?

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When 2 years ago it took 48 hours to render a single frame of a movie, I highly doubt that even next year that the same effects could happen in real time. Even Moore's Law says this is a more than a few years away. Not in the next Sony and Microsoft consoles, but certainly sometime in our lifetime.

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I disagree. I don't play FarCry for the typical COD or Battlefield experience. IMO, FarCry is its own, unique type of shooter game where realistic things like weapon jamming or having to actually bend over to pick up a weapon or item fit in really well. Its all the style of gameplay that makes it quite unique compared to other shooter. Im okay with this, in fact, I endorse it.

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EuroGamer is SPY!

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