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"unlike XBL which continues to grow and improve every generation, and every year.".
Cool, if Steam stops improving XBL should catch up to Steam (which is free) sometime in the next decade.

That combined with defending Win10 Store like it's your first born all while knowing nothing about PC's reveals you clearly as a XBox fanboy, who will fanboy on anything MS by proxy.

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Why would they lock the pc at 60fps?

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Looks great. Also nice song and fantastic presentation on the trailer.

Glad this game is doing so well, as they clearly care about making their game awesome. Though I never got too into it, mainly because I'm terrible at it, and just don't have any friends interested in the game so not a lot of motivation to get better.

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I was originally thinking that, but I think games like mario kart and splatoon are well within what they consider profitable and if this game approached those sales they wouldn't have considered it a failure

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Kindof a stupid decision, and I'm not even a StarFox fan. Wii-U's crappiness coupled with their insistence to make it do twice the work with the second screen/second view ensured it would look like an N64 game. Despite what everyone associated with Nintendo likes to think, people don't want to play games that look like garbage, and this doesn't have any of the charm of games that target a retro feel like TowerFall or Minecraft have. This looks like a cellphone game that rea...

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Don't see your point. Vulkan works on XBoxOne. Also, it uses Unreal 4 engine. Developers don't have to worry about the API at all. That's part of what the engine is for.

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This reminds me of the dumb 'I LIKE that I have to pay to play online' nonsense xbox fans (and more recently sony fans) used to say. Such a ridiculous thing to say.

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@Utalkin2me, yes, really.

@MagicBeans quality over quantity.

If you're playing on console, maybe it's more fun with the pacing of mouse/kb players on PC. Also ultra fun if you have a lot of friends to play with you on your team and talk to via voice.

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@iDadio, I hope you find the strength to make it through this.

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The main one I can't stand is stacking Torbjorns. 2 or 3, plus a Bastion is enough to make it difficult or impossible to win if you're not on mic with your team organizing a counterpick and strategy. It's done way too often the past couple of days on defense, and it kinda ruins the pace of the game, and forces your team to just turn itself into a turret counter force or lose.

That being said, it seems unfair to ban one character from being stacked, and not oth...

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Yeah, I got my first 43 kill streak using Tracer on a team against 6 Winstons.

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yeah, but now he's playing Overwatch, and really, once you've gotten into Overwatch, do you really want to play anything else?

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@fatsodubmo they have to keep their super-secret gimmick under wraps so Sony and MS don't rush out new hardware to copy them. I'm sure whatever wacky controller they have in store will more than make up for the 8 bit graphics it's bound to have.

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I'd rather not see another Metroid on a crappy underpowered console. PS4 or something more powerful could render an awesome lush alien wilderness worthy of SuperMetroid, but all the Metroids that have come since SNES have been pretty ugly, and this would be no exception. Hopefully their next console isn't anything like the rumors say.

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I don't even want a PS4, but what a weak comeback. Wii-U could and should have been a real part of this gen, but they prioritized console size, fan noise, and an uninteresting gimmick over making it capable of playing modern games. Meanwhile Sony's flagship has been setting sales records from day one. Nintendo has become a complete joke. I hope all the rumors are false, and when the Wii-u-mii-them comes out it's a beast that blows PS4 out of the water graphically, but let...

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They're gonna wait for the last second before launch to announce their crappy, underpowered, joke of a console to keep the gimmick no one will want (let alone want to copy) secret, and set a new record for themselves as far as terrible console launches.

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It's really not that hard to not cheat. If you go through the trouble of installing an aimbot, that's not exactly a mistake. The 13 year old example is such an outlier it's ridiculous. In 9999 cases out of 10000, if you're savvy enough to find and install an aimbot, you're savvy enough to see the example Blizzard set with this first batch. Good riddens.

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just to be clear, the game is $40, not $60. You might already know this, but I've seen countless comments and even articles claiming the game is 'pricey, at $60', or 'at the price of any modern AAA title'. I supposed it's Blizzard's fault for presenting the 'Origin's Edition' as the default almost anywhere you can buy it.

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I friggin love this game, in the up all night, and wake up to play more way I haven't loved a game in a very very long time.

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$40, not $60

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