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They should spam the site with nothing but COD articles so we can laugh at the haters and their comments. I'm sure they'll get bored of it after a while and go find something else to moan and b*tch about.

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Yup, and I'm sure her family is all smiles about more people buying her music--especially the ones that never heard of her.

Dlacy13g, yeah, I just went and listened to Rehab...yeah :/

Edit: @redRetard, I said they're all smiles about more people buying her music, not all smiles about her dying. Stay in school kid...

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I guess N4g should be happy PSN didn't die...

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"as well as that POS mass defect 3"

Looks like we have a 12 year old amongst us.

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It's been a long time coming...

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I hope they start selling that gold controller!

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I love Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Live Indie Games! I hope it makes a smooth transition to the new Xbox, whenever that comes. Any word on when all those games are coming to Windows 7 phones? That should have been done at the launch of MS's phones. They don't need ports from iOS or Android, they have a plethora of games on those 2 services that are on the 360. It's common sense!

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No pictures? Really? Does the PSN have an Indie Game section? Or is everything lumped together? The one thing that MS could and should do, is give the ability to gift games to send to friends. I'm sure devs would stop whining then, especially in the XBLIGs. That's the only thing I'm envious of Steam over. Oh, and yeah, there is a demo for all 99% of the games on Xbox LIVE.

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All gamers should have this game on their radar.

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I need to pick up a Wii. I've played the first Conduit and I was impressed with the visuals, minus the environments. There are a lot of games I'm missing on that console that are unique and won't be found anywhere else.

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Uncharted is all of a sudden a shooter? If that's the case you're wrong with it being the highest rated shooter. It shares first place with Mass Effect 2 on the 360 where it's rated the highest out of all 3 platforms. But besides that, needs to keep the competition out of it's mouth, if it doesn't have anything nice to say. When Sony or any other gaming company website starts talking sh*t about the 360, better be there to defend it or I'm go...

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Most people with your type of complaint are the ones that suck at those games.

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If you're anti-Microsoft, you're always going to look at the negative side of what they do. Skype is just an additional bonus thats on the 360. But I can see where the complainer is coming from and he/she brings up some good points.

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Meh, this person probably just wants to play Vanillafield 3.

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I'm not a pc gamer, so what Valve does, doesn't affect me that much. I just commented to see what thoughts people had of this beta and I address someone's comment. I bought the Orange Box when it came out because it was a great value, bur I haven't bought or played a game by Valve since. Sorry if my comment offended you, lol.

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My defintion of poor, is sleeping under a bridge or not having running water. I would consider the people,they are describing, as low-income.

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Unsupported? This will be coming out on the 360 also. This scenario isn't like the PC version of Gears, lol xD

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The narrative is like Sin City and it also kind of reminds me of Afro Samurai.

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No... just no...

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