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No... you're wrong. The N64 and Gamecube were cheap compared to the other consoles.

They were both $199.99 while the ps1 and ps2 were $299.99

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Those are Wii graphics, not Wii U.

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Zelda IS the GREATEST series EVER.

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"I predicted failure for the Wii"


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Please, go away and play your ps3/vita.

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yep, vita is doomed... sony fanboys don't assimilate that though.

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"They're like Nintendo's Naughty Dog"

How dare you compare Retro Studios to "indecent canine" developer?

Retro is better.

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Honestly, I don't see Nintendo releasing a high caliber game like Metroid at launch because that would be devastating for 3rd party developers.

What Nintendo is trying to do is to get 3rd parties comfortable in developing for Wii U and obviously that they could make a profit.

Wii U's launch will be flooded with 3rd party games... some of them good, some of them bad *cough*killer freaks*cough*

I think Pikim 3 would be like the a...

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Just by looking at the picture implying that uncharted is "hardcore"...

Makes me want to punch somebody.

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I just want to play in a world created by Retro on a next gen console.

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I want to play my FPS on Wii U with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Developers should really make games for all controllers to give the gamer choices.

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If the Wii U is anything like what the Gamecube was ten years ago, then is good.

The console would be effective, powerful yet affordable.

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What are you smoking?

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LULZ!!! it's incredible how sony fanboys assumed the ps4 would be like 10 times more powerful than the ps3. It's just ridiculous.

All I know is that the Zelda Demo and the Japanese Garden Demo look STUNNING. Not to mention the Streets of Tokyo Demo which was only viewed by a couple of reporters...

They say it blows the Zelda and Garden demo out of the water.

I think this proves again what I've been saying: sony fanboys are t...

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o rly?

Tell me a ps2 game that surpasses Rogue Leader in polygons, bump mapping, self-shadowing, per pixel lighting at 60fps...

I'm waiting...

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Untapped Potential™

Remember that? when we all knew the ps2 graphics sucked but sony just said it and every sony fanboy believed it?

lol times...

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No, just no.

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Oh yes typing gets a lot of my energy LOL.

Chill out dude, I think you're in the defense of sony, not surprising in n4g...

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sony fanboys should really stop with this crap of believing that their consoles were the best ever created.

they're not.

and get this in to your little fanboy heads that the ps4 will not be a huge leap compared to the ps3, I repeat: the ps4 will not be a huge leap compared to the ps3.

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