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Congrats IG and Sony on a successful launch

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This is not BC, gaming media is beyond retarded

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Stupid articles like this is the reason why I don't give "gaming media" any weight or creditability. This shitty site acting like Nintendo has some kind of patent of creating classic mini versions of old consoles.

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Who the f**k cares about open world tropes? As long as the game is fun to play, and player want to support it we couldn't give two ratasses what you say.

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Not surprised to hear this sucks for the ppl effected by this, but it seemed inevitable as dead rising lacked the quality to attract enough people to buy those games. Capcom couldn't afford to maintain this branch with the millions wasted on that franchise.

Tough call but had to be made.

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You know devs there's nothing wrong with 1440p/60, and I have a 4k hdr OLED tv. 60 is the main thing that should be achieved across the board when it comes to next gen.

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Right now I'm playing DQ11 after finishing Spidey last week it's really good so far. Started TR for a few seems alright so far, but will be put on back burner because of DQ11, Spidey dlc, and RDR2 dropping next month.

December should be a slow month for me to jump back into TR since all I'll have is the Spidey dlcs.

Totally forgot about valkyria chronicles 4 at the end of this month lol.

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Not for me lol

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They still on this xplay BS? The people b***hing about this don't run a business, why don't you let them run their business how they see fit. They'll do xplay when they feel its necessary to with the other consoles. Until then just enjoy the xplay they do with PC, iOS, and mobile since THEY DO have the most xplay games out.

Also to those that are constantly b***hing about this why don't you go ask your lord master MS why aren't we playing xplay on PubGarb...

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Pretty much this right now haha

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I wouldn't even pay $1 for this game.

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They'll probably count this review for the PS version only instead of both on MC 🤣🤣

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I'm not a fan of the series, but I've played the demo for part 4 and it isn't that bad.

It looks decent on the S, and they could tighten up the handling some. But overall it seems nice.

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Physical>>>>>di gital 95/5% all day everyday.

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When people start taking videogames very seriously(excluding professional gamers) it's time to reevaluate their lives. It's a videogame man, and it's just a story that IG was telling in the game

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I loved the game, and I had fun playing it

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Alan Wake was awesome

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Word lol, its so relaxing just swinging around the city lol

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