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I know Arkham Knight isn't most people's favorite Batman game, but for me it's one of the best games I've played. I like racing so I was happy that was in there but can understand some people don't. I enjoyed the story even if it was a little bit predictable. Played it a few weeks back (PC) and aside from some subpar texturing and skin shaders it looks incredible to this date.

I'm sad Rocksteady hasn't released a title since (not counting VR min...

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It is simply true, that the best option for Switch is to make the graphics stylized. It's the only way not to make games look dated. Doesn't mean you can't love your Switch, but personally I would have much preferred Zelda on a PS4/XB1. The game felt barren to me. For my money Nintendo's incredible dev teams could do so much more on powerful hardware.

But the Switch sells. As long as it has a market they'll continue their path of lower powered consoles ...

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That's always the sensible approach. Don't assume things. It makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me".

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AMD have been working on their own dedicated cores that are faster at calculating raytracing and other things. There's no reason why next-gen consoles won't have these cores (only cost is a factor, but we are looking 1 1/2 years ahead and Sony's consoles always launch at a loss for the company).

And that raytracing is possible without RTX cores shouldn't surprise anyone. People have been showing it for years in technological demonstrations. The RTX cores are...

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Why do the people in the beginning intro look so bad? Didn't they show Mark Hamill looking pretty good a few months back? Terrain too looks horrible.

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It's been in development for ages, it obviously has had problems during development which could be from a multitude of reasons. But there's no denying this game is downright ugly. It's hard for me to even imagine how this game could come out in this day and age. There's no developer I've worked with, or talked with, that would accept this. Don't mean to be mean, I just don't get it. It's not even the technical side, the textures, lighting and modeling is so poo...

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This is annoying. Like Origin/Ubisoft I'll have to point a custom shortcut in steam to have all my games in the same place.

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Despite your down votes I so agree with this. I love Nintendo's games but I hate the fact that I always have to play them with graphics that belong 10 years ago. I grew up with the NES and SNES, but they lost me with the Wii.

When the next-gen starts get marketed the Switch will look even older. I get that there's a fair group of people who are fine with the graphics on the Switch but you can only really do simplistic styles on it and have it hold up even half decen...

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Yeah, and remasters and remakes can co-exist. Not every popular game from the past is going to be able to justify a budget of basically a triple A title.

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Skarlet especially looked fantastic. I think it's great that the industry is growing up, why does every game have to have T&A for you guys not to yell SJW.

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It establishes the baseline for all games, including PC as there are extremely few big budget PC exclusives (Star Citizen coming, what else is there). The more powerful the next-gen consoles will be, the better for PC games. You always have to code to the lowest common denominator. This matters especially with games that rely on physics to drive its gameplay, and I believe physics will play an even larger role in the next-generation.

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That's not really Star Was though is it? As much as I'd like to see an R rated Star Wars game, the franchise has never been anything but PG13 content.

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For me it's never been about what I am shooting, it could be a non-sentient glob of goo moving around that react in an awesome way when they are shot.

I believe this will become more of an issue when games near photo realism, but I also feel that developers has matured with it and will continue to do so.

I consider the gaming medium relatively new, compared to the other formats that deliver fictional stories like feature films. IMO story isn't th...

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Street Fighter should most definitely live on. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was a misstep and they acknowledged that. I doubt they'll drop the ball again. Capcom in 2019 is looking very healthy with both Resident Evil 2 remake and DMC V.

Street Fighter V's launch was far from ideal but it's by far the most fun to watch as a spectator. It's funny how when it launched people complained how it was too "easy", when it turned out to be one of the most di...

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I love this game. I still go back and play it from time to time. The graphics when it came out were stunning (and still look great), I really loved the implementation of the batmobile and the improved traversal. The boss fights were fantastic and while I realize some had problems with the "twist", it didn't bother me one bit. This is one of my favorite games of this generations and I could write paragraph after paragraph detailing each aspect of it and why I love it. It got an u...

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You are correct that this game is basically becoming a rent only game with a finite expiration date (unless they release a patch before they shut down the online part). You're basically paying $60 to rent a game.

I go back and play games I really love from time to time. If I end up loving BGE2 I guess that won't be an option.

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So IMO it's a bit more complicated and layered than that. If the industry stopped doing single player games because it's not as profitable, it might have a domino effect of sorts. I believe there are plenty of gamers who buy MTs and DLC, FTP with their premium currency, who wouldn't buy this content if the triple A single player experiences didn't exist. Very occasionally I buy MTs, and I wouldn't be a gamer anymore if there were no compelling single player games for me. I...

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If BOTW was the same game but did not have the Zelda name attached to it, IMO it would have received far less favorable reviews. Honestly could not understand why people rated it so highly when I played it. It had fun moments, but far too much traveling and uninspired environments.

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The moment it hits PC I'll get it. It was one of the few games that made me think of buying an XB1. I wish MS would have focused more on exclusive titles. They tend to be of higher quality because of the resources they are afforded (of course not all exclusives have been fantastic, but most).

I do wonder what Ninja Theory etc. will come up with for the next generation MS console. Hopefully it'll be something good.

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IMO the 10s were already settled before they even got a review copy. The two preview videos had every outlet raving and I had no doubt they were going to go back on that. I do question their openness and sincerity when reviewing this game.

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