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@SyntheticForm You should be concerned for them. I've seen many people's lives ruined both by their physical health (and their mental health, along with relationships ruined -- though I guess a lot of people don't sympathize with these issues). HR is very aware of this and they are quick to get ahead and let people go if they see any sign of health issues or people showing any signs they don't want to work 80 hour weeks.

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You also have your co-workers pushing you into it.

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Little Big Planet had no problems when people created "homages" to other games.

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“We think it’s a shame that the 400+ employees here who have poured the love and passion into Borderlands 3 are having their work be diluted by personal allegations,” said the studio.

Maybe he should have thought about his employees when he decided to assault another person both physically and verbally.

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I am curious though, SSDs have shorter life spans than traditional HDDs. If they are pumping the gas on it, I'm curious what impact that will have...

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This won't just affect loading times. It effectively increases the memory pool because you can stream them in much faster, meaning where you used to have to load X MB of data predicting/or knowing where the player was going it now means that you can load much less into memory.

There's always the discussion of GPU and CPU calculation prowess and this is of course important, but to really make a big leap next-gen needs quite a lot more memory. The high-speed SSD is a...

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I love this game. Can't _wait_ for Spawn to be part of it. It's definitely one of the best fighting games I've ever played.

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They won't be at E3, but does that mean they won't show off anything during E3 in other ways? We are getting a proper reveal soonish -- basing that on the fact that they released some initial information on the PS5 so they have to keep building the hype regularly.

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But what extra visual enhancements will the PC have on recommended settings? GTX 1070 8GB Ram for recommended means nothing to me until I know that.

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Love those games... for me it's a shame they are Switch exclusive. Hold out small hope for PC version?

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Not true WickedLester, if you look at PS4 exclusives they outperform the Xbox One. It's not subjective, it's a fact. Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 both achieved on a technical level what would have to have been scaled back on the Xbox One so that the average person could see the difference.

I don't know which machine will be more powerful at launch, as you all know developers worked with 4GB of RAM on the PS4 devkits for quite some time. Both companies have ...

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The base game without DLC has more than enough content to justify its price.

I already got the $99 pre-order, if Spawn is not in a DLC character in this game at some point I'll be very disappointed. Boon has teased him for years, but with the R rated Spawn movie coming up, Spawn in MK11 just makes so much sense. Just hope they nail his cape and chains in at least one of his customizations. From a game dev background, I know those two things, especially the cape, will b...

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As much as I don't like Stig, his games has shown that he can create/direct great titles. I think he was a great fit for this game and I expect the combat to be really good. It'll be at least as good as God of War 3, but from the little I hear from Respawn, who are a few blocks over, it's well evolved from God of War 3. I wouldn't expect less from him and this being his first current-gen title. Don't know the whole story about what happened to his project at Sony Santa Mon...

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Doesn't have to be GOTY or SH1T, it looks like it could potentially be a 8, maybe 7.5. If they get more set piece moments right the crowd stuff could be impressive. Days Gone, though not a co-op game, definitely looks a lot better in the "Zombies/not Zombies" genre.

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It looks like great fun but I'm going in with a neutral mindset. They are a decent studio, but this is a step up for them in terms of scope. I'm not very impressed with how they've handled themselves in media, they don't inspire confidence. Having said that, everything I've seen looks like fun with some great new ideas.

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Sequel would be great, love their games. Though I am a bit split, a studio can only make so many titles at once and after what they did with Spider-man I'd like to see what they could do with another Marvel game alongside Spider-man 2.

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Problem is for people like me, who love the game and its mechanics but does simply not have the time to invest in getting good at it -- all so the guys that beat it can beat their gaming chests and scream "I BEAT THIS DIFFICULT GAME"? It's ridiculous. I'm actually playing the game with a trainer, and I enjoy it.

I love everything about it except it's difficulty, so I am grateful the trainer exists.

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The problem is any game that relies on online servers is a time-limited game. With peer to peer online, that time is extended for as long as the console's ecosystem is still up and running.

On PC, you can still play games online / lan that don't rely on online servers to function basically as long as you want to. Reason I am grateful the PC system exist (remember it would not have if IBM had been stronger with copyrighting their technologies.) Yes it's legally ...

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I won't go as far as LordoftheCritics, but it wasn't the leap from last gen to current gen I was hoping for. Still looks great.

I'm sure they've changed things up as far as gameplay goes. I do not at all believe it will be a long DLC in the form of a full sequel.

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I know Arkham Knight isn't most people's favorite Batman game, but for me it's one of the best games I've played. I like racing so I was happy that was in there but can understand some people don't. I enjoyed the story even if it was a little bit predictable. Played it a few weeks back (PC) and aside from some subpar texturing and skin shaders it looks incredible to this date.

I'm sad Rocksteady hasn't released a title since (not counting VR min...

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