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Don't fall for this. I see nothing more than taking down the palette to 255 colors and slight pixelation effect. Looks nothing like the originals. The effort is appreciated, just didn't hit the mark. Maybe it will one day.

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Why? How is this intro any better than a lot of other games out there? It's good and I'm glad you're excited, I just feel IW has been blowing their own horn way too much. I think overall the game looks a step up from their last effort (but that wasn't really a high bar to pass), but to be fair I think it looks quite good for a late generation title. Just don't like the way they brag about it.

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He's a good character, but you look at the tournaments and has he even been used as a winning character yet? I get that he statistics shows his popularity and success, a lot of it has to do with how bad ass they made him look IMO. I picked him as my main without knowing he was a strong character, and I looked at the tier lists and he was in the middle. (I'll be switching to Spawn no matter how crappy he plays as long as they nailed his looks and animations -- of course I hope he's...

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I want to shout this from the rooftops every time I hear this argument. More power means more gameplay possibilities NOT just better graphics. If you release lower end consoles alongside a more powerful console, you are hamstringing developers. Maybe that's why the Halo demo was incredibly unimpressive.

High quality local storage + A streaming console with no sacrifice of specs I can get onboard with (even though I won't go streaming until I'm forced to).

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How about a v8 instead of an old-a** 4 cylinder? I get that Nintendo fans don't care, but I used to be a Nintendo fan. All the way up to the gamecube. They lost me to Sony/PC.

There are even some decent laptops that can run games at significantly higher quality than the Switch.

If you're happy, just ignore me. It's just the way I feel.

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You really don't get that it would hamstring developers? There's a reason PS4 games like Uncharted 4, Zero Dawn, God of War look and play (yes power affect gameplay limits) as good as they do on a 7 year old machine.

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That person needs to think more out of the box. Yes, it will allow for much faster streaming levels, reducing memory and overhead but there are more things you can do with it and Playstation will probably push marketing by talking how devs are using it when they do the reveal.

Thing is, I'm a developer. I've worked at places big and small, just because someone is a developer doesn't mean they have thought of all possible ways any new technology can be used. Will...

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Wow at the disagrees. Why even predict, I know analysts have to because of the way our economy is structured (hence Pachter), but for other people? The public knows basically nothing about it other than some pretty damn diffuse specs.

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Triple A developer that focuses squarely on an art style that does not require a lot of processing power. It's successful for them but I'll always feel sad that I don't get a cutting edge Zelda personally. I guess I got Horizon Zero Dawn and while that's a great/amazing game it's not the same. I don't get their consoles anymore for this reason, I feel they are selling me short. They could do more _gameplay_ innovations if the hardware was "current" (misunders...

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WTf... Why is @Zodiac909 getting the same amount of disagrees as agrees? This is a plain fact, ask absolutely any professional developer.

COD games have for an example been 60fps this whole generation, and there were 60fps games on the previous generation too. It depends on what you think the computing should go to.

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Oh and just along the same lines, one of the things, along with proper hair, (cloth, hair, and even advanced destruction like proper bending and tearing are really part of the same technology) and proper lighting (real-time global illumination through raytracing + reflections), that I think will be showpieces come next year to show why these machines will be worth it.

I think developers will have to pick and choose (I'm currently in film and know just a little bit of n...

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Looking forward to Nightwolf but still a bit disappointed. Spawn couldn't come soon enough. Even if he turns out to be the lowest tier, as long as they succeed capturing him properly, he'll be my main.

What I wish, which I don't think will happen, is that they really capture his cloak. It's such an important part of his character. Technically I don't see how they could, I've been in game/movie industry for almost 23 years now and I just don't se...

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I played through this game but it was incredibly generic. The trailers made it look way better than it looked when playing it, and every encounter felt the same. They hyped up the vehicles but there were so few of them and they almost all looked like crap. The shooting and driving mechanics were solid which kept me going. Oddly enough I only had half the weapons in the game when I beat it and I was taking my time.

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OT, definitely very interested in Dying Light 2. Cyberpunk and FFVII remake I can't really say I am hyped more for one than the other, they both look fantastic.

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It's a good game but I felt it was very vanilla. No real surprises at all (except for task master, which I loved for its surprise encounter). It had a short development cycle, Insomniac is great at getting games out fast.

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The timing is odd. You can obviously make next-gen games by adding features to a current-gen engine, but not sure at this point why you wouldn't just custom write and optimize it for the next-gen. Their continuous boasting regarding this new engine is getting a bit old too. Let other people praise your work.

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Arkham Knight is my favorite game of this generation, right next to Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. To each his own.

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I hear what you are saying but I got two thoughts:

a) Ant Man and The Wasp would technically be really difficult. If they were in their own game, you could justify spending the development costs on it.

b) There's a whole generation that aren't even that aware of the comics. However, Captain America and Iron man, Thor and Hulk would be enough to bring the crowds.

Unfortunately, for me, I really dislike the way most of them look. ...

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I would listen to Tim, he's had a very good record in the past.

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Unfortunately I dislike all the designs, and there seems to be a large amount of players out there who feel the same way. You can't ignore that. When a few people do it, you cay it's trolling or you can't please everyone, but it's beyond that.

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