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Comparing it to the original price wise doesn't make any sense. You can disagree with splitting the game into 2 or three parts, that part is up to you. But if you're talking about not claiming you're not getting your money's worth based on a PS1 game you haven't really thought it through.

The first part alone will be as big as the original was, even though it's hard to compare. I'm just using the 50+ hour promised. The game is visually deeper, m...

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So the 3rd person real-time cinematics in E3 2018 were what?

At what point does it matter how we visually customize our character? The one mirror shot they showed in the recent demo in the apartment?

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Hmm... couldn't you argue they also teased a Ryse sequel? I think it's equally if not more likely that they just used the assets they had to put together the tech demo.

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@NecrumOddBoy Completely agree! Rocksteady would make an awesome Spawn. Definitely one of the most talented developer out there, especially with combat (though I guess I'm a bit different in that I really loved Batman Arkham Knight).

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I'm very worried (with what kind of games I like). All the traversing, the ladders, having to take a nap, rock the baby if it's upset, piss etc. That stuff looks incredibly boring.

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And to add to Foxtrot's comment, there's been no complaints about how Spawn looked (or T-800).

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I'll be playing this game that long. It's weird and I didn't expect it, but this has become my favorite fighting game of all time. Up until MK11 it was Street Fighter III 3rd strike.

However, I'm really bummed that I have to wait 7 (learn to count :) ) months for Spawn. They know the demand for him so I guess that's why they're saving him until last. I'm tired of seeing Joker, he looks almost like he did in Injustice 2. Would have really liked a...

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I'm an artist too in games development (of 20+ years) and I completely agree with hawkeye98. They are extremely vanilla. Game looks pretty fun, but the characters and the lighting tbh is really average for such a big game coming from a studio like Crystal Dynamics who have shown they can do way better.

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I'm starting to think the game will be boring. Haven't seen much evidence of otherwise.

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Not only did he save one life against everyone else, but he also went expressively against her wishes. If she was the cure, she was ok with being sacrificed. The ending was powerful, and one of few endings that doesn't end "well" but still feels like it told a great story with a great end.

Of course they knew it would leave them plenty to explore in a sequel(s).

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A single month and some change to release? Even early access? There's no way unless they've done 95% of the game already. These are the kinds of kickstarters that give kickstarter a bad name and ruins the chance for more realistic projects.

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Seems Zodiac, and others, mistook Outer Wilds to Outer Worlds. Meaning in most peoples heads

No Man's Sky = Indie
(mistakenly people read the title) Outer Worlds = Triple A
(corrected) Outer Wilds = Indie

So, comparing indie title vs indie. Despite the article, No Man's Sky has become very popular over the last couple of years and Beyond will most likely make it even more so (I'm very much looking forward to the VR).

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If you care at all about gaming you should at the very least make this message sound out as loud as possible.

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The argument about expectations doesn't really work. Spider-man was designed beautifully by Insomniac. The problem with Avengers is that they just look bad, it's not that they look different, they just look bad to most people. Given how much source material there is to go from, it's pretty stunning. Looking at Injustice 2, they did an incredible job with almost all of their characters. Very few people were disappointed.

That they came out and said that they woul...

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I haven't been following this closely, but looking at the MP footage, the shadows draw in ~10 feet in front of you (when outside). It makes shadows useless when in most MP games you can stick to the shadows and have a slight edge. That's the sacrifice to their "incredible new engine".

Both BF and COD need to step it up as far as gameplay goes. Neither is what they once were. I do like the look of the realistic mode of the new one. Destruction is still awes...

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Capcom has been good at listening lately. I think whatever people's opinions are of SFV, SFVI will hopefully be a return to form. SFV had a lot of great things about it, and following the pro tour has been fun.

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I think this game will be perfect for VR. They had a rocky start, personally I think they didn't intend to lie but it was a case of aiming too high and talking about it. Whatever their intention, I feel they've earned back the goodwill over the last couple of years with the free release date that they just released without any hype building before hand. This is the first update that's really getting some hype behind it, and I think that's not their doing but because people lik...

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Reactions are interesting, I didn't think he was anything special. Personally I can't stand all the glowing semi-transparent objects. They just look cheap. His fatality looked cool, but his moveset looked boring (even if it looks to be very useful).

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Loved it, didn't like that it ended on a cliffhanger. Still one of the best looking games out there. Not just technically but the artistry of it all.

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Revolutionary is a strong word but possible with next-gen coming soon. RT fits car games, not just for the reflections/refractions but for better hit collision detection etc. If PC3 can just capture more of the joy of going through a tournaments/season, it's very possible. Sony will (yeah, as it stands now) showcase new GT demo with PS5 reveal.

Slightly Mad has always talked big, it's how they got started (C_ommunity A_ssisted R_acing S_imulator). If they can (or th...

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