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You should, and it's a much better game now than a year ago. It was released with a myriad of bugs and performance issues, but now someone who tried the game a year later with xbox game pass (it's in the article) is attributing its somewhat lackluster debut because of outrage media.

He references two sources, two individuals who cried faul who work for RockPaperShotgun and Polygon. That's not outrage. I know as I followed this game closely as I was interested i...

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Ignorant people don't give a shit about the freedom in countries around the world, particularly countries like China given their authoritarian leadership and potential threat. Don't feel so naive in your bubble.

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@TK-66 He actually said, more or less, the opposite of what you're suggesting. Hong Kong has a long history, one that you maybe should educate yourself in.

1997: UK handed over ownership of Hong Kong back to China. HK citizens were worried that meant living under the tyranny that mainland Chinese people live under but was told by China and UK things would be left alone. And they were left alone for the most part, until now.

Present: China is trying t...

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Completely disagree, I found it to be a great game (with a particularly fun last part of the game). I would stay away from it if your attention span is too short, and can't navigate without a traditional map (there are maps, but the game doesn't hold your hand leading you to new areas). Getting to places is as easy as paying attention to your environment (and ability to read).

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My exact point in the post above yours, yet two people disagree somehow? I get a cult vibe feeling from a lot of the backers, too many aspects resemble one (look into studies of cults if you don't believe me). They scream bloody murder with micro-transactions in games but justify paying $100 for an exclusive ship in the upcoming game and if you question them they just throw rage at you. Not sure I think Chris Roberts hit gold or some upcoming massive backlash.

Big part...

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Profitable for whom? Even if they sell 2 copies it will be "profitable" for Robert Blah Industries.

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If the industry is making money, it's good for us. We really only need to get involved when it's impacting gameplay or fairness in MP.

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If you think that would make you feel empowered maybe you need to go so see someone.

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Hah, I just finished it. I enjoyed it quite a bit but as much as they focused on the story it really wasn't that well written (IMO). I felt it was a bit innovative in some areas and some of the "bosses" felt fresh. There's a really cool sequence near the end.

I have to mention the raytracing. Digital Foundry did a good video on its use in Control. Lucky enough to own a 2080ti and I would often catch myself in the reflections of windows thinking it was an ...

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Day 1 for me. People may hate me for this, but why are their texturing artists so bad? The textures look incredibly low-res and if you compare it to other open world games many of them win by far in this department.

Still, it's absolutely a day one for me.

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Life? He's an asshole who needs anger management but can you even picture what it's like to be in a US prison for even just a single year?

Also, SWAT needs to f'ing chill out, this is a real issue. What in the ever loving f*** made them pull the trigger? Did he even have a single object in his hand when it happened? I feel incredibly bad for the family who lost a loved one, and for the kid not to get to live out his life.

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When you can play it on PC for $1 for a full month (or if you have game pass, just download it), why would you buy the Steam version? I wasn't interested in game pass before this, I'm likely going to cancel it after I played through the SP campaign of Gears 5.

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I'm glad ~60% of you are interested, to me it just looks like a chore. Keep my shoes clean, walk for miles, manage a baby, rest, make sure I'm walking in the right parts of the river, making sure my cargo is not damaged, charging my batteries, etc. This would not have gotten greenlit if it were anyone other than Kojima making it.

I have to wonder if people are really viewing this game realistically, the emperor's new clothes etc.

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How can you guys not wait to play the game when we really don't have any idea how it will play? All we've seen is story (which looks very interesting, but Kojima himself even said he doesn't fully understand it -- as far as I recall). The only gameplay we've seen has been mundane actions like pissing and rocking a baby when it needs to be comforted.

You must have a lot of faith in Kojima. I love his games, but I am definitely on the fence about this one. Ho...

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If we want to talk about the political side of this game, are you saying that right wing people think that european countries at the time did the right thing by invading a country, taking it by force from its native people and treating them with horrific violence is fine? I don't think either right wing people or left wing people think that was an ok thing to do.

We should talk about these things. Yes, it's a fictional game, but there'...

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Metal Gear argument holds no water. The series were filled with action. MG never forced you to pee, take a nap, rock a baby etc.. I want to be wrong, I want this game to be awesome. But nothing they've shown us has me excited (except for the graphics).

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My biggest question mark too. Nothing in the trailers has lead me to believe that it'll be fun to play. Sure looks beautiful though.

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Honestly I don't think Joker was the original choice. I see some licensing issue falling apart with another character they had planned and Joker was an easy substitute (and ofc DC property). The Joker also looks way too familiar to Injustice's 2 Joker IMO.

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Why would anyone want to know?

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Comparing it to the original price wise doesn't make any sense. You can disagree with splitting the game into 2 or three parts, that part is up to you. But if you're talking about not claiming you're not getting your money's worth based on a PS1 game you haven't really thought it through.

The first part alone will be as big as the original was, even though it's hard to compare. I'm just using the 50+ hour promised. The game is visually deeper, m...

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