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Me too, the cape and chains would be great to see realized using the extra power of the next consoles. Very expensive to do cloth physics at the moment, has to be so low-res to work. Of course the cape and chains need to have a mix of real physics and control from the player.

Anyway, I really hope they do a good job of him in MK 11, that the upcoming movie is awesome and that we'll get a proper, good Spawn game. If Rocksteady would do it (not unrealistic considering th...

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Great initiative, don't think the industry will change until there's a union.

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Loved the game, loved the RTX implementation, and satisfying end missions. Her force like powers alone were much better than Fallen Order's (which IMO would not have been received well if it did not have the Star Wars brand attached to it).

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It really is a shame. They are tying developers' hands. I'm curious how most third party games will react. Of course Ubisoft's games this year are going to be cross generation but how many others will be?

"PC Settings" has too many people thinking you can just turn off and down settings and all is well. Doesn't work like that if you want to make a true general leap. I've done this for two decades, but you only have my word to believe that my st...

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This idea that some of you seem to have that you can just "turn down the settings" to make any game run on any device is incredibly ill-informed. It's an extrapolation from games' PC quality settings, and again, that's an incredibly simplistic view of game development.

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If future MS games are going to run on the Xbox One as well they'll really have an impact on how they can design there games. Imagine a game with physics that affect gameplay, and the developer having to make it work on the Xbox One as well, that would be mad. I really hope this is not true, or PS5 exclusives will completely blow MS's exclusives out of the water. Sigh.

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I agree that physics should become more of a focus on these machines, it's sort of odd to me that after Half-Life 2 and Crysis more developers haven't made physics actually affect the gameplay. There are some exceptions of course. Because they focused a bit more on providing a strong CPU this time around, we should be getting more physics. Can't wait to see the reveal.

As per this article, I don't agree with that developer. We are going to see a pretty incr...

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I hope this is true, I don't think they games will be "better" but it definitely renews my interest in playing the games again. Minecraft RTX is one of the impressive uses of real-time global illumination and reflections yet.

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Really don't like those requirements. I guess you could say 'yay, no dkc' but this is almost as bad to me.

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I'm a bit surprised for going at Microsoft, isn't he worried about burning bridges? It's an issue in all industries, but this one is pretty small and you don't really want to upset the wrong people.

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Accessories are usually very overpriced. The margins are slim with the consoles (at least the first few years), but accessories put big money in their pockets.

I would love the Elite style paddles on the back and if all developers knew everyone had these on Xbox Series X and/or PS5 they could make use of them.

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For a developer it's much, much nicer to work on a target platform rather than multiple target platforms. You get better performance. With one year time exclusive they can then focus on maximizing the performance on Xbox.

I'd also be surprised if they didn't include some extra stuff and release that with the Xbox version and have it as DLC for the PS version. Plus they might upgrade it for the next-gen so if you wait you are going to get a better looking experi...

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They haven't fulfilled their Kickstarter promise (it's very hit and miss with any Kickstarter project meeting its deadline), but as hard as it is for me (and many others to understand) "Star Citizens" will buy ships willingly (no one is forcing them) for triple digit dollar figures and still cry foul against all micro transactions in any other game. Key point is that no one is forcing them or committing fraud.

If/When Squadron 42 comes out and looks like f...

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@chiefJohn117 I do think that asking for a full remake of both RE3 and RE4 (not remasters) packaged together for $30-$40 is unrealistic. That's how I saw your post. Arara admits it doesn't need a remake but would be great if we got one, which I agree with. Current-gen/Next-gen complete remake of Resident Evil 4 would be cool, but same money (and it's a lot) could be put towards other projects.

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If it comes across selfish or attention seeking from this artist doesn't matter as much as to how much it speaks to the larger epidemic that won't go away with developers. Actors and writers formed guilds to protect themselves after being overworked and underpaid for years.

This hasn't happened for developers or artists working on movies. Unlimited hours are expected. Your view going into it is going to change with the years. Then at that point it's all you ...

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Don't forget they have a whole environment set in a virtual world along side the physical one. We don't know yet how big it'll be.

I am really curious how the development of this game has been. From what I can tell it's been very far from smooth sailing. Came off a high for Witcher 3 that just completely established them as a triple A developer. Witcher 1 and 2 were good, but Witcher 3 was a big step. Think they may have gotten a bit overconfident when they ...

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The one in the news item? I would so love that, but considering the power the machine will have I really doubt and the cost of manufacturing it would be huge.

In the article they have one with hexagons, so many other developers (programmers, designers, artists) hate hexagons. They're just so overly used it's become a bit of a joke.

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There was nothing really special about that demo. Hair looked good, but not that far off Uncharted 4 (first game that came to mind, I don't care about MS vs Sony). I feel I can pretty much guarantee that the reveal of more next-gen games will impress people way more than this. Plus the art direction on this was extremely boring, Several Halo games had way better art direction than this (art direction is subjective to a certain extent, but I feel most other devs would agree with me).

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I get what you are trying to suggest and there's never anything bad in trying to come up with solutions. These are things being discussed all the time, and plenty of developers have different opinions on how to solve issues like this. Unfortunately your suggestions won't work, in this humble developer's opinion (I have been doing it for 18+ years but doesn't mean I'm right). This is what springs to mind:

1) Adding a small, flat ambient value to the chara...

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I haven't heard about this but I think it would be difficult. They need to wow people with the power of the PS5, which they will, so because of price they are not going to do a Switch like console. With today's technology, if they were to do another PSP, the budgets for developing for the handheld would be really high and given Sony's past not many developers are likely to take a big bet on it. Could be wrong, it'll be a fun year next year.

If it could play...

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