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Hard to look at this after seeing Driveclub but it definitely looks good for a previous-gen game.

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I really dislike it when game developers/publishers announce their games 3-4 years before they come out. Even 2 years is annoying. 6-9 months would be ideal IMO. But definitely looking forward to seeing what CD Project Red comes up with considering the Witcher series is so good. I'm also a sucker for good sci-fi.

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This looks fantastic but I personally wish all this was put into a new Motorstorm. Just because of my own preferences. I will still get this the day it comes out, just hope it has as much gameplay content as it does graphic fidelity.

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Example of this is Tearaway, fantastic title that got universal praise. They were able to build a second team and get a new creative lead excited to produce a project on it. But the financial and public rewards aren't the same as if it had been on PS3/PS4. I'd be surprised if Media Molecule did another Vita game, despite the critical success of Tearaway.

I really can't wait to see what they can do with the PS4. They are the likeliest to show what can be done on t...

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I feel that one of the biggest issues is that Sony doesn't want to force their developers hand, so if their developers want to develop a PS4 title they aren't going to tell them no and force them to develop a Vita title. Only studios that need to prove themselves to Sony are likely to develop for Vita and since Bend and Ready at Dawn have already proven themselves I don't know what studios Sony owns (other than Gravity developer) who wants to develop for Vita.


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@Ezz2031 That's quite the ignorant comment, coming from someone who is working in the field and has for a long time. New powerful hardware always open up more possibilities that simply weren't possible on last gen. That goes for gameplay too. Cross-gen titles aren't going to show this, they are going to show mostly just graphic changes and in some cases FPS improvements but not core game design changes.

The problem is that it's easy to show improvement in grap...

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Still looks ugly. I am giving it a go, but I don't see the hype myself. I can't overstate how boring and bad the art direction and execution tech wise is. This is not what should be expected from next-gen.

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I don't think it looks stunning at all. It looks like a slightly upgraded Xbox360 version. The gameplay looks fun, although I really don't like the exclusion of a single player mode. Games like Infamous look loads better. I might get this on the PC for the gameplay (the movement abilities especially) but not for the immersion.

I'll get the XboxOne probably when Quantum Break comes out as that really does look fantastic from the brief glimpses I've seen.

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I personally enjoyed Knack and for me, that's really all that matters. Not because I am selfish, but because some games are just not going to be liked by everyone. I actually even got a platinum, my first ever.

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I'd take early march release, and then have Infamous a couple of weeks later. MGS:GZ will surely be great but it's not really a full game.

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Would really want a proper next-gen outing from Nintendo as fast as is feasible for them. I don't see the Wii U succeeding, it might have some strong weeks when they release their big games but I just don't see it competing.

If they could release a new console with a new brand name, get rid of the Wii moniker, and make it a bit more powerful than PS4/Xbox1 in 2015 I think they'd be able to court back 3rd party developers as well as compete with MS and Sony.

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March isn't my opinion of "early 2014". Early 2014 is Jan and Feb. It would be a mistake launching it in March considering the amount of titles already scheduled for March and April.

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Halo 4 SP looked great and played great but it was repetitive. You fought the same enemies over and over until the end, and you'd discovered all the weapons within the first few hours. Only the space flight offered some variation. These are the reasons I felt it was overrated and hope that Halo 5 has an improved campaign. The same 5 enemy types over and over again for a whole campaign is not acceptable for today's standards.

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"Also want to add the sony rep never actually said the quote above....he was asked it."

This is what makes the headline pretty much a lie and I hate it when all media does this. They make it sound like he came out and said it out of his own accord.

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Bad video but I agree with RaidensRising.

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I've enjoyed the last two NFS. They weren't perfect, but neither were the Burnout games but at the time they were released they were a lot more ground breaking. NFS seems to be playing it very safe, at least with Ghosts' Rivals and Criterion's last NFS. Never like seeing talented developers' creativity stifled though so I hope the founders are off to bigger and better things. A good publisher really makes a huge difference so I hope they find one that will allow them to pu...

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It's all in the developers hand. Powerful hardware in the hands of a studio that doesn't have the artistic and technical ability (or enough time) won't show what it's capable of. That goes for any platform. Few studios are able to maximize a hardware's power, and it makes it all the more difficult when the game is cross-gen. I am looking forward to games that are not released on past-gen consoles as well as new-gen consoles so we can see what they are truly capable of. Lik...

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Big ass "duh". Any game artist, anyone with a remote understanding of how these things work knows that we are really not at a point where we have nearly enough memory and bandwidth to do absolutely everything we want to do. Doesn't mean it's not a great leap from just having 512mb though.

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Loved the single player, playing it through again on hard. Love the multiplayer, think it's both beautiful and very engaging. Looking forward to the co-op mode and hope it's released soon. Horde type modes are always my favorites as I prefer co-op where people really work together than focus on where they are on the leaderboards.

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Exlusive games do matter because more often than not, putting all your effort into one single hardware specification allows you to maximize its potential; graphically, physics, AI, controls. Just like if a game was made exclusively for a PC with a 780GTX 3GB video ram, 8-16GB Ram, i7-3930k processor, it would open up doors for designers that aren't possible on any other platform. Problem is you can't design a game exclusively for a high end PC because you loose sales so it won't h...

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