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Dreams is a great piece of software, I love the things coming out of it, think it's useful for a lot of people wanting to get a feel for making games and showing off your gameplay ideas. It's easier to learn than UE4 plus you got the modeling, sound, and animation tools right there and a community that shares. Good job by the artist...

But I can't imagine anyone actually comparing the two creations (not taking away anything from artist's efforts, and the sce...

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Interior parts are important too. The real-time GI with several bounces can impact games way more than you think. Whoever wrote this article has a failure of imagination. If he can't imagine the gameplay innovations that are going to make into (good) video games, he should sit down and think about it some more..

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Sony's first gameplay reveal was great with the PS4. They haven't shown anything other than strangely allowing the VGA game which wasn't that impressive. When Sony is ready, they'll show what the PS5 is capable of and given their past I really doubt they'll do what MS just did. Remember MS did this last generation transition too.

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Considering the US and many countries aren't doing what is necessary to stop the decease, it's going to keep going for quite some time... Only countries that are and have done well are Denmark, Croatia, South Korea, Spain has come to their sense, and while China didn't take it seriously at first they did eventually shut down with a proper quarantine.

I don't see that happening here in the US, and I'm disappointed in other countries like Sweden. With Fox...

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I don't blame artists for doing this, they might love these characters and just want to show their love for a game. However, in many cases it's all about getting attention. The studios I've worked with always preferred original creations as it is a lot more difficult. It's fairly easy to extract 3D models and textures for a lot of DX9/DX10/DX11 titles on PC. Then you use that to refine everything. I'm not saying it doesn't require skills, but it's definitely easier...

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DF doesn't always get things right. When Far Cry 5 came out, they claimed that physics/destructibility wasn't implemented because it was only used in the past to show off technologies. That was so far from the truth, many, many games rely on physics for gameplay (Zelda, Battlefield, Rainbow Siege, etc. etc.).

I don't agree that only first party games will utilize the SSD like they said. In fact, I kind of question their motives.

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@ rainslacker
Quote: "Go to some other studio that will work them just the same...or worse?"

Exactly. Mobile gaming industry can be a bit better, pressure isn't as high but they have deadlines too. It's sad to see so many people dismiss the workers who are doing, and I am not making this up as I've done it many, many times myself, 12-15 hours, 6 days a week for 4-6 months with the last weeks usually being 7 days. On top of that is the immense ...

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When looking at next-gen it's important to keep things in perspective. Look at how Horizon Zero Dawn looks on a base PS4. It's pretty incredible. That machine was launched 6 1/2 years ago (will be 7 months in November). I just want people to appreciate this, and understand how important fixed hardware is to our industry. Same goes for Detroit and Death Stranding.

These PC releases will of course run at higher resolutions, higher frame rates and probably add more res...

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PS4/XboxOne had cross-gen games too. I expect that to die off after a year like it did last time but we'll see.

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Everyone (well most, and the rest will learn) working in the games industry knows that if you are working at a company you don't complain. There's no protection. Every single game developer I know of in the US has a "Every dispute has to go through a third party picked by the company." This is a pretty clear signal that if you complain, they are going into it with bias on their side. It's something I've personally witnessed many times (that's how those who doubt ...

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People should do what inspires them and makes them psyched. If that is a remake, that's fine in my book. As a kid I used to draw images and try to come as close as I could do the reference. This taught me a great deal and then I started doing my own drawings/creations.

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Sony has a history of releasing consoles at a loss which is quickly made up from game sales from all studios. I think they're targeting $400. If the costs to get it to retail are $450 that has been reported, I think that's realistic. Doesn't feel like a mystery to me, I am way more curious what the Xbox Series are going to come in at.

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Quantum Break was massively under rated IMO. The first 3-5 hours before you get real powers weren't great because the combat system was designed to feel great when you had options, so they missed the mark a bit on making the gameplay in the beginning good. However, if you stuck with it, the rest of the game was fantastic, both the gameplay and the story. It's actually one of the better stories I've experienced in a game. Graphics were gorgeous. Even feel like playing it right now ...

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I am so happy a publisher takes a risk and creates "games" like this. Obviously only very wealthy publishers can, but the team is fairly small and I think they'll run a profit. However, I do think it's dependent on a PS5 release which I can't imagine not happening very quickly after PS5 launch or even at launch. The distance fields / voxels approach should mean it won't be that difficult, and they should even be able to add some more CPU/GPU intense features.

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That's not what he said. The part of the actual tweet people are getting worked up over:

"...Crazy theory... What if the secret to adapting a video game is to tell a story that is respectful of its source material?"

He's talking about movies, adapting a video game into a movie. Unless he's clarified with what he meant this is the actual meaning of the words.

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Really hope MS does better for us hardcore gamers than they did this generation. They began this generation at E3 with some very strange plans that completely backfired on them because they don't seem to understand what gets gamers hyped and satisfied.

I enjoyed the two GeOW games (on PC), Forza is not my genre, I actually really enjoyed Quantum Break but they gave me no reason to buy an Xbox this gen (and I would have). Can Ninja Theory produce titles on par with Naug...

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These discussions went on for years when mobile gaming started becoming a thing. Doom and gloom to the old console model they said. Instead we got a very successful generation of consoles that wasn't hurt by mobile games. These days everyone knows you get different experiences on consoles vs mobile.

Streaming will become a thing, that's my guess, but I doubt it'll pose any threat to traditional consoles. If MS is relying on streaming for part of their XXS plans,...

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Kind of doubt they have a devkit at this point. They are probably just guessing what they can do at this point to generate interest. Screenshots are a good way, they don't get as scrutinized as clips. At least not in this kind of artstyle/setting.

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The R rated Spawn Jamie Foxx movie is still in development as far as I am aware. Hopefully we won't have to wait long.

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Me too, the cape and chains would be great to see realized using the extra power of the next consoles. Very expensive to do cloth physics at the moment, has to be so low-res to work. Of course the cape and chains need to have a mix of real physics and control from the player.

Anyway, I really hope they do a good job of him in MK 11, that the upcoming movie is awesome and that we'll get a proper, good Spawn game. If Rocksteady would do it (not unrealistic considering th...

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