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I would honestly play it more if I could just have the option of going solo without AI companions. Don't see that being hard to implement except for the campaign missions.

Second criticism is how few and overly used environments there are. After working on it for so many years I expected more. I actually really enjoyed the game up and finishing with the first boss fight between Hulk and *****.

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Looks cross-gen to me. This is my biggest frustration with both MS and Sony. These machines (minus the Series S which is another frustration) can do so many things we haven't seen yet. FX haven't been upgraded at all except a bit of resolution and density.

Capcom had real-time fire simulation running on the PS4. They never shipped a game with it, but considering they had a game running on the PS4 with the simulation running at the same time, the PS5 and XBSX should...

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You shouldn't be downvoted.

If team size + time = ∞ then yes, have high expectations. It's called a remaster, not a remake. Last super short trailer looked pretty nice having said that.

Developers / Publishers generally do these for a) money to make more games, or b) to make a living or get wealthier. Crytek isn't exactly doing well these days but I don't know their numbers.

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So what is it, hardware but with power added through the network? Is it just a lower grade console? MS screws up pretty often, but a lower grade console would f all next-gen console owners. Next-gen innovations and power that affect gameplay, Ratchet and Clank a good early example of that, would disappear from developers choice when it comes to multi-platform games. Please MS, don't be that dumb.

If it's an Azure powered console delivering the same experience that&...

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With multiple universes, creatives can take whatever shortcuts they want to tell a story they want to tell, or make a game they want to make. Where's that meme with scripts from a movie I can't remember right now. Basically just add "it's because now we have X" to explain anything they want to work around.

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I look forward to seeing what Rocksteady comes up with after leaving the franchise. I can only imagine after developing three games, Rocksteady was looking for something new. Now if they have a say in the matter or if it's just WB ordering them, I have no idea.

I think Suicide Squad hunting down Justice League sounds promising as a concept, but it's all in the execution.

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Epic is as good as they come. The megagrants? No strings attached money for projects anyone can submit that they see potential in. They just announced a $1.78 billion more to the megagrants. They are taking the money they've earned and reinvesting a fair amount of it into the games industry. Unless I've missed something they haven't done anything "evil" or "horrible", they are the opposite. They are stimulating indie development (and tools).

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Quote "Wolvie, Gambit, Iceman, the Surfer"

YES, except Silver Surfer would probably be a bit OP. It's a travesty that we haven't gotten a good Wolverine game this gen (or last gen). After Spawn, Wolverine is the superhero I want a single player game for by a good studio the most.

Gambit is of course popular, I would personally want a Deathlok game too as well as a Storm game. Maybe it's good they are not included IF they end up gett...

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Launching the XBXS a year later would have a negative impact on the PS5 as well because third party titles need both MS's market and PS's market. First party games wouldn't alone carry the PS5 for a year. The economics in video games are a massive thing developers need to wrestle with. That's why it's hard to launch hard evolution games rather than the soft evolution games we've seen.

Thankfully Sony knows the industry needs the hard evolution, so t...

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Problem is it's only a matter of time before you can't download purchased games. Backing up to a harddrive is players best bet to keep all their content. Hopefully this will be possible on the PS5/XBXS

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The reason it looks so good is that what you are seeing in the background is not real-time lighting. I've done projection mapping/painting a lot, many games do in the far background and specific scenarios, but since this game is a 2D side scroller they can do it everywhere. The geometry is simple but enough to give parallax / depth. So it all the background you see is using one texture, rather than 4 (albedo, specular or metalness, roughness, and normal map). The cinematics are pre-render...

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Curious what salary Chris Robert gave himself.

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Agree, I also feel the same way about Infamous Second Son. Characters aren't as good as the top games this generation, but everything else still looks great. That special when he flies up in the air and dive bombs, loved that.

1886: The Order also still looks stunning and was also released early in the PS4 cycle.

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First off, I'm enjoying Ghost, but I believe it could be a lot better in areas. Thing is, I actually went on a media blackout from ~2 years ago on this game to experience it without knowing much. There are some really great design choices.

Problem is, I agree Repjaws: "Don't like, don't buy it". So you're not allowed to critique games and gaming trends? So my main criticisms with open world games:

- Almost everything is exposed a...

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Hah, that's pretty neat. I'm sure a few people will get some enjoyment out of it. It is cool to recognize the environments even though even for pixel art it's pretty barren right now. Well done!

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So, Cyberpunk Nov 19, AC Valhalla Nov 17? It's not good for either game but I think Valhalla will loose the most.

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I often says this; different devs have different opinions. I've had devs swear to me that UE4 would never be broadly adopted by many triple A studios. Others got onboard quickly. Just like artists, programmers have different views of how to approach the future.

Devs have motivations to express themselves for marketing/getting noticed. Others just answer questions while in the boundary of their NDAs.

It'll be really interesting if they port Dreams ...

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Have they stated if this character teaser is real-time or pre-rendered? Everything looks plausible for real-time except the hair. Just too many strands, more than the UE4 tech demo (the one with the woman with blonde curly hair). If it was CG, that just adds more confusion when marketing a next-gen game. If it was real-time, they should have pointed it out in the video as the hair does look beautiful and certainly better than anything we've seen.

Also, it doesn't se...

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Zelda has nostalgia working for it, it has some great moments but the general world could not be more bland. Horizon Zero Dawn, and _especially_ Ghost of Tsushima each has a clear and defined art direction. You could show me a screenshot of anywhere in these games (unless you do something dumb like zoom into a wall) and I would know what game it was. That's strong art direction. Now, if you don't like that art direction, that's fine. Everyone has their own taste but to say GOT is ...

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The point is that it's a bad strategy. If you want people excited about the next generation of consoles, don't try to get our attention by saying it's a next-gen title.

Look at what Sony did and the response it got. I don't care about corporations but they seem to at least know that in order to generate hype, to sell the next-gen consoles, you show what's possible on them. This and Ascent, while pretty games, is nothing compared to the UE5 tech demo. I c...

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