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I haven't tried adjusting the controls yet, friend suggested upping the speed of rotating to max and deadzone to 0. No idea if that makes sense yet. I did NOT see this coming, that I'd be playing ACOd over RDR2. ACO's mythical encounters are great.

I'll get around to RDR2 again but the first 2 hours put me off. I'm sure I'll get hooked once I get used to it. Just takes a bit of patience to get into it seems.

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The joke aside, I'm impressed with the games scope and all its nuances except for the controls. I find it to be one of the most annoying control schemes I have ever played. I'll get used to it, but it's clunky. I understand what they were going for and if the majority of gamers like it then great. To me it's making it hard for me to want to keep playing.

If Last of Us's Ellie moves as well as what was seen in the E3 gameplay, it will blow away the movem...

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The main reason MS wants cloud gaming has little to do with players and more to do with the subscriber dollars. Every company right now in the tech industry is looking for that predictable, profitable monthly income on a mass scale. To me it looks like they are inching away from allowing gamers to buy a game and own it, but rather just have a fluid library that they will always have complete control over.

Imagine if the PC had been patented properly. The landscape would loo...

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Also, hindsight is 20/20. There was never any guarantee that the Witcher series was going to be so successful. If you believe in a project, you negotiate for proceeds, if you don't, you negotiate for a lump sum. Obviously he wanted cash up front.

Of course I have some sympathy for him, but less the amount he complains and now with the lawsuit. I don't know the circumstances but perhaps a couple of years back RED could have thrown him a bone due to the success but t...

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There's no game that fully takes advantage of a powerful PC rig. Today's PCs run laps around the PS4 but you have to cater to the lowest common denominator (which is usually the console generation you're in). Sure you can have higher framerates, better resolution and a couple of different graphic options but it's not the same thing. You'd be amazed at what a developer could do with even a modern CPU and a 980, let alone with a 2080 and a powerful Ryzen which is what I expe...

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I've commented on a few thread, as I've worked at a few of the big name developers and they (developers) are unfortunately all like this. A lot of time it's an unwritten rule, but you definitely get in trouble if you don't do the hours expected (if not explicitly told). There's not a game developer at a triple A house that would disagree with the existence and expectations of hours in the last few months of development.

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It's extremely rare that you get time in lieu any where. It's "too expensive." Though Rockstar can't really make that excuse considering their sales numbers. The three Call of Duty developers are equally bad. I've only worked at one studio that has treated their employees with sympathy and respect and that's where I am still at -- this company will have my loyalty for as long as they keep it up (their bottom line has been more profitable each year which shows you...

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Would love a great Daredevil game purely as a Daredevil fan!

Any character can be made into a great video game by the right developer.

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@Bladesfist8h Legally they can't, but if you don't conform they'll find a legal reason to let you go. Fun fact, Sony in Silicon Valley work around the rule that you can't be a contractor for more than 2-3 years (by that time the company has to make you an employee by law) by forcing you to take an unpaid leave for 3 months every few years.

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If tl;dr, this is not ok but we in the industry are still privileged.

When I got into this industry I wasn't aware of the hours (I started in the late 90s at 18yo). I don't hate the industry, but different companies handle overtime differently so I respect different places differently. Rockstar is a bad place to work unless you really enjoy overtime, so is Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog. You can't really speak up using your own name or you quickly become blackli...

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Why does this game have insane micro transactions? Will they disappear when it's complete? Why does its community defend them but attack EA?

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Dead Space was in the thriller genre, as is the Resident Evil series. You are comparing apples to oranges.

Having said that, I don't mind the death animations other than that sometimes I feel they take a bit long.

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As a developer of 20+ years myself, I think this is a ridiculous statement. If you can't imagine what you can accomplish if you had more horse power, you are not really excelling at your job.

So what can more horse power get developers and ultimate gamers?

- Physics that go well beyond what is possible today (games that use physics heavy as a gameplay element include Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield etc.). I could write pages about what is not possibl...

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CDPR vs Sapkowski somewhat similar to George Lucas vs 20th Century Fox. In both cases Sapkowski/20th Century Fox made bad deals in lack of belief whereas CDPR/Lucas believed.

I do feel bad for him, and maybe they could have thrown him a bone once it was successful but they were in no way obliged to and it's not like the gaming industry is a risk free business. CDPR has also shown they are willing to bet a lot of that earned money on a new franchise which is pretty guts...

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So the Switch is not for me, isn't it then by definition of the phrase "for everyone" not true? What a ridiculous statement. I wouldn't say any console is for "everyone".

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What about the misogyny often getting lots of support in majority of up votes on this site?

"I see men shirtless, so why is it a problem when women are shirtless?" = Because men aren't subjugated to even closely the same amount of sexual abuse that women are.

The likes are a reflection of the majority of people visiting this site. That's the sad fact you got to deal with.

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Should be up to the developer. I'd rather take the extra horse power for graphics, physics, ai etc. for the extra 30fps. For games that need 60fps. developers will do 60fps just like they have this gen.

Don't make it a rule.

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* Rainbox 6 Siege?
* Days Gone has some pretty crazy physics, especially with the horde (I know you tend to think of physics as rigid objects, but the horde has physics), but it also has many other examples of great physics.
* Battlefield 1 (and V by the looks of it) -- plenty of meaningful destruction physics
* Uncharted 4 had plenty and Last of Us 2 looks to continue the trend (Last of us 1 wasn't bad in this area either)
* Ghosts of Tsushima in the b...

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History works one way, THAT's why this is a relevant issue. That so many videogamers get upset when someone calls out sexism is incredibly disappointing.

Have an open mind and actually look at how women have been treated and are treated and then look at how it's not the same to show a shirtless man and a shirtless woman. Look at the facts about how many women are sexually abused compared to men. Shame on the lot of you,

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You guys do realize that in order to take complete advantage of a new console, you can't just upgrade a PS4 title, right? For the launch PS5 titles to really impress, studios will have to develop for that hardware spec exclusively. That's why exclusives are a fair amount above the multi-platform games (though thankfully the XB1 and PS4 are relatively comparable in performance). If studios are doing titles that will release both on PS4 and PS5 it won't nearly show off what the PS5 ...

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