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That what looks to be a real-time cinematic in the beginning of the clip is looking pretty rough for next-gen expectations.

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@masterfox It's fine if you don't like non-open world games but not every game needs to be so it's not really a fair criticism. I'm for one looking forward to semi-linear Ratchet and Clank PS5 plus recently enjoyed playing through It Takes Two. The rest of your opinions are yours to have but I enjoyed Crysis 2 and even 3. I think they crashed as a studio with the stunning looking game with very repetitive gameplay; Ryse: Son of Rome. Singular big budget games have brought down...

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You definitely have to worry about what you say out loud as it will affect your career.

Yeah it's interesting seeing all these downvotes on what seems to be the complaints about crunches themselves. When I was in my early 20s I didn't mind too much. Then I got older and started realizing how game developers take advantage of their people. There are good egg companies but they are in the minority. I could change industry, but when you've invested so much time ho...

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To me they have been the most consistently good company for gamers and I hope that doesn't change. To be clear, doesn't mean I don't think they've made mistakes. Also owned many non-Sony consoles but until MS gets some great exclusives I'm PS5/PC this gen.

Corporations are corporations, I'm just saying I think Sony's strategy has worked well for me as a gamer and I believe they've really pushed gaming forward because they've allowed for ...

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Instinctually I want to say I'd love to have this DLC but wait until I've seen the movie. It's not that I expect a great movie or anything, but I hope it's fun. The opening 7 minutes doesn't really reveal much but I did like some of the attention to detail and I did like the little action that was in it. Kano is to me, personally, the one character I've seen in the trailer that I dislike the most just visually but the movie might win me over if your hope is true, Chris...

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I'll be looking for a save file when it comes out as I haven't finished it on the PS4, I'd like to buy it on the PC but don't want to start over from scratch. I think I'm 40-45 hours in and probably have about 15% left to do.

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I look forward to this game but the "taking advantage of the PS5" is ~60% bullshit. You can't develop a game across two completely different generations and optimize it fully for the PS5. The PS4 is 7+ years old, the power that the PS5 (and the XBSX) have is going to allow developers to do some amazing things once they are not shackled by the PS4. This is pure marketing speech. Again, I look forward to the game, but it's not a true next-gen game. I argue we haven't seen ...

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What were you guys expecting? What have you guys seen from other developers that is so much better than this (Spider-man Morales and the benefits it brought to the Spider-man game overall doesn't count). I think the lit fog looks beautiful and greatly enhances many scenes. Having said that, definitely looking forward to seeing more from Square's Japanese studios. FF XVI is looking pretty good as is Forspoken even if I'm personally expecting even more from the new consoles once 1-2...

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A lot of people don't get it, most every developer that are an actual programmer optimizing for next-gen consoles know that the X-Box Series S is going to hold back the potential of next-gen games and that's really sad. A Bethesda lead programmer tweeted this out before they were bought by MS and deleted once they had been. We'll have to count on Playstation exclusives (once they're done releasing on PS4) to really push the PS5 and show us what it can do.


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Avengers has its problems and I feel they should have listened a bit to fans before the game came out. I'm generally of "wait and play" attitude but there were some glaring faults in the game as presented a few months before release. They released a statement basically saying we're not listening and we're going to do it our way. "Trust us, it will be great." That feels similar to the Anthem pre-launch and end result.

One of the good things ab...

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If I were to review it based on MY experience, it'd be a 9 or 10. I realize I'm talking into a massive down-vote like Tiqila, but I love the crap out of this game. The bugs I've run into have been not being able to pick some objects up that are near corners or NPCs and similar, minor ones like that. I have a ridiculously powered PC which plays a big part.

I do feel bad for people running this on consoles, especially last-gen PCs, and even low-mid end PCs. It com...

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"New Dragon Age Trailer Roars Out and It Looks Gorgeous"

That implies that Dragon Age looks gorgeous. We have no idea how Dragon Age will look.

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Nvidia said as much even releasing a statement saying not everyone who wants a 3000 series card will be able to get one this year. Not sure they can be blamed for it. Would you rather have no one be able to get one until they could manufacture enough? I could ask the same question regarding PS5/XBSX? I'm glad they released them when they did, it took me a few tries but very, very happy to have my 3090 (for work and play). Would love to have a PS5 but haven't been able to get one yet. ...

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I only know a couple of studios who have their hands on the UE5 alpha. These guys might be targeting UE5, but I really doubt they have it. Much larger studios who want to use it have not been able to get their hands on it. I know some studios who plan on using it based on the info from the demo, but there's so much we don't know yet. We also don't know how stable and ready the engine is for a fully fledged game.

One big question mark is if the XBSS is going to ...

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The Xbox Series S has put a hamper on next-gen games. A game design is going to have to take it into account. That means whatever physics and other hardware demanding features that would affect gameplay would have to be scaled back because of the Series S. I'm extremely disappointed by this, I've spent 20+ years in this industry and I love new console launches and the creative options they open up. The Series S is not last-gen tech -- it's strong-- but if us devs only had Series X...

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Completely don't understand why they have to apologize and patch that description. I can even relate to a very small degree.

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I guess I'm a "Sony" fan (just because I love their studios' titles) and I don't feel that way. I'm not into soulslike games, and Morales is an expensive half of a game for those of us who have already enjoyed and finished Spider-man. I love seeing raytracing in a cross-gen launch title, bodes well for the future.

Godfall? It could turn out to be great but at this point I don't feel we have any idea.

COD single player looks g...

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I don't really like the re-use of environments to cobble together new missions, but I think the combat is fantastic and feels right for each character. I would play it more if they let me play missions solo, without AI partners, to get the loot (skins). I just find the AI partners annoying. I get that it's a "team" game, but I don't think that should hold them back from letting you play missions and the training room solo.

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I would honestly play it more if I could just have the option of going solo without AI companions. Don't see that being hard to implement except for the campaign missions.

Second criticism is how few and overly used environments there are. After working on it for so many years I expected more. I actually really enjoyed the game up and finishing with the first boss fight between Hulk and *****.

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