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Beta this fall, as said in the article.

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Nah, not the same guy, that's Hyung-tae Kim, this is Oda Non.

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It really is. Especially when bullets are landing close to you, it gets really tense. Sound and impact effects are great. It has flaws, but the tension is one of its good sides.

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@ziggurcat: I'm pretty sure a lot of people will use it mostly because otherwise, people can just jump in front of your gun when you're attacking some NPC so that they're allowed to retaliate after with no penalty.

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Don't forget the "Lexington" logo.

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I'm definitely gonna use it. So there goes the "No one" :D

But I'm a carebear.

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Doom Souls Eternal

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yeaah. I hope they improve that.

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They can't fire him. He doesn't work for them. He also literally owns the right of all Dragon Quest music.

Also, super-old dude has old-fashioned, conservative views. Stop the presses!

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I'll decide what's better for my own articles. Thank you.

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Them not being new to the franchise does not mean that they're not new to the game.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes the official one. It wouldn't be the first time Truant Pixel does them for Sony.

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I'm happy with Lei Wulong.

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I guess you've never seen a Japanese woman in your life.

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Guess what Teflon: *I* decide what warrants an article on my site. Not you. *I* decide what warrants my time, not you.

You don't have a point, and "logic" doesn't mean what you think it means.

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So self-explanatory that there are comments from people that don't know. If it's not useful for you, great. It's obviously useful for others.

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This is incorrect. Your other accounts won't have the themes available unless you manually set the PS4 as primary in the account of the region the theme comes from, which is what this article explains how to do, and which is something many don't do.

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I'd totally love it to become a franchise.

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Funnily, the dude still made money, as this non-fanboy article aptly explains. He took no "huge hit"

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@PhoenixUp: Sony also released the shipped numbers in a similar timeframe. You should have compared shipped to shipped.

So your comparison is flawed, and makes them look considerably closer than they actually are by comparing apples to oranges, when you could have easily compared apples to apples.

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