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That story about Dragonball Xenoverse 2 got reported because it was a rehashing of Media Create's numbers, so it's a duplicate of Media Create. This is Ubisoft's financials, which is a completely different pair of sleeves.

Incidentally, that story on Dragonball Xenoverse 2 was also utterly false, based on the ludicrous idea that the PS4 version of the game didn't sell a single copy since when he dropped out of the Media Create top-20 10 months ago.

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I know. It was a joke.

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Nomura has been asked to design an outfit without too many belts and zippers, and he panicked, so he asked the Final Fantasy XV team for help.

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It looks goofy enough. But I saw it in at least a couple of other scenes.

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Only, it's not called "Dynasty Warriors 8"

It's called Shin Sangokumusou 8, and Shin Sangokumusou doesn't mean Dynasty Warriors.

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There are plenty of games that don't. At least for Ubisoft, at the moment the gold mine is called PS4.

Numbers are not an opinion. This is not to say that they shouldn't support the Switch, but let's keep things in perspective, because hyperbole like "goldmine" is ridiculous.

The Switch is a gold mine, for Nintendo.

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"the Switch is where the gold is at" -> 44% of sales on PS4, 25% on Xbox One, 15% on PC, 6% on Switch.

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You'd think :D

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That is probably incorrect.

It appears to be speculation from a single Japanese twitter user who pretty much thought "they didn't announce it here, it must be at E3."

He's the only one who mentions E3, and he doesn't appear to have been in attendance at the event from his timeline. I asked a couple of people that were, and they could not confirm it (they don't remember any release date talk at all), and the Japanese press does n...

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But that song... oh god.

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Still impressive.

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5 million in the holidays... it's what, 5 years old?

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And it's not one bit less funny every time.

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They already are. PlayStation Plus, DLCs, Microtransactions, Expansions, PlayStation Now... they're all recurring revenues, and Sony has been doing them all. And I can guarantee they're not stopping. It made them almost 3 billion dollars in a quarter.

So I guess you're not buying any console.

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I'd honestly miss him. He has a ton of charisma and listening to his presentations is a pleasure. If it was for me, he'd present E3 too.

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This artwork is entirely about facts that happen before the game, so no spoilers.

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You do understand that the "Holidays" indicate the three-months period between October and December?

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No. It's not. It quotes word by word what Satya Nadella said.

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I really don't think the Switch's shipped and sold numbers are much different at the moment.

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I'm still surprised that anyone still considers vgchartz as a valid source of anything that isn't random number generation, to be honest.

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