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Sony is a cancer to this industry.

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Find it funny that some people claim Microsoft started 3rd party exclusive deals. They completely forgot about the exclusive GTA3 Sony deal for the PS2 in 2002!!! Very selective memory they have.

I'm not even going to mention the original FF7 exclusive Sony deal in 1997....

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From what I've seen from the gameplay, wasn't impressed. Most of the budget likely when to the cast...

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Any exclusive is hurt for not being multiplatform...
For example, don't you think Sony or Nintendo would earn more money by releasing their exclusives on all platforms?

As for Microsoft, if Gamepass isn't a huge success, I can see them abandoning the Xbox and becoming a multiplatform developer/publisher in the future.

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Wow! The amount of hypocrites in this thread is absurd...

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Sony has demonstrated several times they aren't interested in any kind of deal. Microsoft have to move on and follow their path.

I'm sure Sony have their own plans.

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Did you really expect Microsoft to stand still while Sony goes after 3rd party exclusive, after 3rd party exclusive, after 3rd party exclusive...?

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Why didn't the developer ask for help from Microsoft?
Why didn't the developer ask for help from Valve (or someone else) for the PC version?
Valve and Microsoft receive 30% from each game sold on their store. I'm sure they will help anyone that asks as long it increases game sales on their store...

It's all very strange... or not.

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"... degrade CoD on PS compared to Xbox..."

There are rumors Sony paid for a better version of Callisto Protocol, since the game ran like crap on the PC and Xbox. They must know how it works...

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Certain people were always complaining the Xbox didn't have exclusives... now, Xbox are getting exclusives. Those same people are now complaining they want those exclusives on their console.

* Facepalm *

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"Sony has great exclusive games MS doesn't..."

That's another reason why Sony don't need more studios or 3rd party exclusives. Microsoft need all the help they can get.

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Why does Sony keep purchasing more studios? Doesn't Sony have enough studios?
Shouldn't Sony focus on their own studios instead of purchasing exclusive 3rd party games and more studios?

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Is that news negative for Sony?
You and I have different ideas of what's negative.

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It's funny that any article criticizing Microsoft in N4G, goes on without problems. Any article criticizing Sony, gets reports, after reports... and eventually disappears.
Did Sony hire people to be 27/7 on N4G, reporting all negative articles?

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Microsoft want to release their games on all platforms. If Sony ask nicely, Microsoft will release their exclusive games on PS5, even Starfield...

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So basically Sony abuses their status as console leader to make better deals, by taking away games from other platforms. There's a name for that, hum... let me think... oh yeah, it's called MONOPOLY (not the game).

The million dollar question is... why don't the European (or American) commission do anything about it? Those Sony exclusive 3rd party deals only harm consumers.

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Let me correct you... Sony shouldn't trust MS and MS shouldn't trust Sony. Both of them will do anything in their power to win. Who ever thinks Sony are saints, is delusional.

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Doesn't that happen with Sony's 3rd party exclusives? Isn't Sony the highest bidder?

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Sony wanted to make Starfield PS5 exclusive before the Bethesda acquisition... now the are bitching because Microsoft made the game their exclusive. UNBELIEVABLE hypocrisy from Sony.

As for promises, did Microsoft promise they would bring Bethesda games to PS5 after the acquisition?

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