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Most anticipated goty for me bc it truly looks to take a step forward in all departments on next gen…however I expect games to fall short of expectations nowadays, hopefully 2K can channel that Luka magic and buck the trend. It takes ‘Bron to break a bubble!

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Still playing Demons Souls, Returnal and Deathloop and 2k are right around the corner, for me it’s still my bottom

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Drivers seat perspective should be night and day difference, not to mention foliage density, track detail, lighting, etc.
I just want all possible weather and damage if I’m really wishing.

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Yeah it’s a no go at $30 for me. At least there’s an extra area to explore, but already having 60fps and all the new games coming makes it wait for sale for me

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Depends pretty much solely on Halo and it’s multiplayer legs. I just hope they can keep the cheaters out.

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Happy I bought it to add to the collection even though I have too much to play. Honestly not surprised about the console warriors coming out but really, Returnal and Demon’s Souls are the next gen experiences and reasons I bought a PS5, happy it’s on the console, but it’s gravy not the entree.

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Do they mean for future releases or are ALL teams crunching right now for Vanguard? I’m betting the latter.

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I don’t know, these game specific consoles don’t do it for me. I would like to see a Sony Studios PS5. They could model it after the title splash upon loading a Sony game with more than one mascot included or even nods to the past consoles. Wish they sold different faceplates for sure tho.

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If I was a publisher or Dev I would want my game to get hyped up on Gamepass (As Hades did) then after a few weeks or longer drop on PlayStation, Gamepass did all the marketing for Hades plus obviously reviews are stellar so that helps

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Halo and Battlefield are going to body COD so hard this year, a few months from release and the first info we get has to leak, not a great sign

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Okay but The Real Truth is usually somewhere in the middle

Edit:I still upvoted you lol

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I was thinking I wouldn’t buy this (day one) because, while I do love Returnal, I haven’t completed it yet (I’m close) and Demons Souls to boot…I do like a challenge but it’s like every game on the system is tough! Finishing Ratchet and I’ll probably pick this up as I can’t help but fold to hype!

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Played this recently with my 7 yo nephew and his mind was blown when he flew into space, there’s nothing quite like it, bought it day one and put too many hours into the grind but was happy to support the vision!

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The Last of Us has this covered for Sony, let’s see a female Master Chief or a game with Princess instead of Mario

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I would love to see more vertical movement and platforming if they went this direction. GoW 2018 felt VERY solidly grounded and the axe was great…but I agree, a new weapon (staff or sword?) and more freedom of movement would be welcome

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Considering PS5 shortages and if they last well into next year I could see the PS4 being supported for longer

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Probably because it would hawk sales off the new COD that we have yet to see anything from. My hopes for this years COD are zero and this piece of news solidified that, they really should skip a year and give us a good remaster with all maps included to keep the player base together

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It is the all you can eat buffet of gaming, people like that, but you are wrong now with Flight Sim and Halo about to come too. The BC is clearly something people also enjoy (with a FPS boost Sony can’t or doesn’t care to compete with) so to me this Gen, more than ever, I’ll want all consoles….eventually, lol.

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Show some humility and give us a finished product, is that too much to ask? Still not impressed or convinced for Day One after BFV and I think that’s why you see this article, Dice knows they have a lot riding on this version and have to deliver. Still, Looking the versions available for pre order I think I’ll wait to see impressions and hopefully pick it up on sale this holiday season.

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Sounds like ~$800+ for best version plus a dock to connect to a monitor (sold separately) yikes but okay I guess? Weird with all the anti VR news from Valve and now the push for a Switch like attack.
Confirmed: Valve takeover imminent!

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