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okay, enough Edgar allen Poe references.

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-_- really dude the iPod has real games. Quite a few have are improved Ds/psp ports. If you never checked out games like chaos rings, real racing and dead space then itd be best not to run your mouth.

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Because their meant for buttons. There are endless possibilities for games. Who knows, maybe well see a huge game on the iPod that requires touch controls. Like infinity blade, but alot longer.

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Yea...just let me wait about half an hour. OH BOY! ten minute update and 5 minute install WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!

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ThenN carry heavy weapons throughout the whole game.

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Yea gears one...a game made in 2006!

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Wow....thats really surprising /s

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I know the feeling...I dusted off my ps3 for Infamous 2.

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Hate both of them, MARIO KART FTW! If I wanted a realistic racing experience I'd go to the Indy 500 since I'm in indy.

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There are quality games on the iPod. They ported the first 3 final fantasies. Has Grand Theft Auto Chinatown wars, real racing is awesome. And you need to see chaos rings because that's one of my favorite games to come out of square and I've played almost all their games. The iPhone just has a different strategy of gaming but for an "on the go" experience i always left my Ds and psp alone

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Probably because it just never a seen games on it other than angry birds

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Games are games dude. I'll admit that the app store is mostly casual crap. But there is more than enough "good" games for my iPod and iPhone that's it better to have in my pocket instead of lugging a Ds or psp where my phone should be.

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1. Were not disregarding the rrod but it's not much of a problem especially compared to the ylod.

2. X-clamps? You also have the option to not have the disc spin at all. scratching for it.

3. No piece of hardware has a 0% failure rate. That's impossible. But for the processing power we have today. Were doing a good job of keeping it within reason.

Now go troll somewhere else.

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Idk I went to a seminar where a broadband employee talked about how we use copper cable to recieve internet but now we could use poly fiber (or something) He said that if we used that it would increase our internet performance 5000% and be better for the enviroment. Maybe cloud gaming will take off slowly with maybe mobile devices or handhelds. But i've seen technology increase faster than our imingation.

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IMO that's good enough. I bought a 360 for gears and in game music but I wouldve paid $100 for gears

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Remember when crash bandicoot was Sonys mascot,... Aaahhh good times

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I have something like that it's a adapter for micro sd cards and I put my 32gb card in and BAM 32gb thumbdrive the size of a dime. Beat that

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It's not like fable, gears or halo suck.

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Please don't use the word "litteratly" Unless you flew from one end of your room to the other by a magical indoor wind. -_-

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