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I know it was said that Netflix was trying to get all of their content on instant streaming. I wonder if they finally have it ready and if so, does it include new releases?

If it does, then it's ok with me. Because I really don't care about the dvd's anyway! I would rather stream everything like I have been doing.

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People can hate all they want, but Forza 4 will be a great!

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@firemassacre... This is the 5th year for most consoles. Regardless of what they say about console life span, we are nearing the finish line for this race!

Early next year, more info on Wii U will be released and possibly the next Ps3 and Xbox will be announced! Once that happens, Interest for this current gen will be over!

Sure the Ps3,360 and Wii will continue to sell, but it will be more like watching people continue to race after the race is over! What...

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Sad part is, there aren't many games I want to buy right now!

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All AA does is smooth out edges! There was little to no jaggies that I spotted and I played the beta nearly every day! So I really don't see how it could be distracting. It's not like the game's graphics were so terrible that you couldn't see enemies in the distance clearly.

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Yes! Have you noticed dlc has been coming sooner! Sometimes on the same day the f*ckin game is released!

It is cheapening the experience to me.

If these f*ckers really want our money that bad, they should release games for $20, and allow us to buy whatever stuff we want in the game!

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WOW... I didn't see much about Kinect but your comment is pointless anyway!

Do people even talk about Move anymore?

It seems like all people here want to do is talk about MS stuff!

Anyway, I know they probably won't do this, but once the tv stuff comes out, they have a legitimate reason to charge for XBL! So in theory, they could pull something where they make the online gaming portion free for silver memberships!


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You claim you don't care about it, yet you're the first to comment...

Irony is a b*tch I tell you!

If you don't care about something... you don't think about it! Yet so many feel the need to make a comment.

I don't like Fallout games... so, I don't comment on them and I look past any articles about them.

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That's not the kind of message I would want to send!

Some could misinterpret it as saying, don't buy a Ps3, just buy a Vita it will be better!

He could have found a better way to say it!

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Maria... You probably should have just kept that to yourself! I guarantee you just lost respect points with some gamers on here!

I didn't disagree with you, but i'll try to explain...

Framerates are kinda tricky to spot in some games dut to high graphical counts. The easiest way to spot it is how fast things are moving on screen.

Example... Modern Warfare 2 moves at 60 fps, while it looks more like Black ops moves at 30.

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I choose 60 over 30 any day of the week!

I like fast responsive play, which is probably why I liked MW 2 so much, even though it had its flaws.

Graphics in general don't have to be mindblowing, because they don't matter really! The main thing about graphics is if they accomplish the goal of immersing you into an environment.

Example, I played GoW 3 and the detail to the graphics gave it a certain feel that made me feel like I was in t...

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At first I believed that other mobile devices were taking over, but now I barely play any of the cellphone games and such.

These markets will please the casuals. But for real gamers, more work needs to be done in these areas to be viable.

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Nintendo said in January, they have no need to release a Wii successor! In june, they announced a Wii successor!

MS and Sony have both denied next gen consoles in the works... who wants to bet they get announced in the first quarter of 2012?

Kinect is showing me that the 360 is shifting towards being a second console. Similar to having a Ps2 around the house somewhere!

While Ps3 does have some extra power to stick it out another year or two.....

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The strange thing is, developers are saying they are reaching their peak with Ps3 games, yet there are still less than 10% who actually use a 50 Gb bluray disc!

Doesn't make sense to me!

They could argue and say it's the 360 holding back Ps3 games, but in the past, there was never a problem for a developer to use the extra power of one console on a multiplatform game! So I don't see why developers are so lazy now a days!


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Pretty much any MS product won't do well in japan! It seemed like they had a good idea to bring something different to that region, but it just hasn't performed.

I have noticed that japan seems to be more focused on Nintendo products though!

With japan becoming a much smaller market to actually care about, I think MS and Sony should focus more on US and EU markets... which is what most of the industry is doing anyway!

Hopefully MS and...

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If MS bought them now, they would have the better half of the ex-Rare team!

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@nickjkl... Have a heart man! PC gamers have felt left out the past few years because no one cared about it much!

Now PC games are being talked about in the same sentence with consoles, so they have to promote it! Otherwise it's back to the World of Warcraft and Starcraft stereotype!

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My theory is a lot of gamers felt the same way I did!

I wanted Killzone 2 so badly. But when I got it, it just wasn't much fun for me! So I had little ambition to get Killzone 3.

Slaes will pick up when it goes to greatest hits!

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I liked them both, so it doesn't matter which one is better!

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