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I'll just stick with the streaming. I don't care much for the disc anyway.

I do keep debating on if I want hulu plus or not. But when I did the trial, it didn't interest me much. And I probably used it about 4 hours total for the entire 1 week trial period! And most of that was used to find the shows I wanted to watch.

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If you think it looks like forza 3, you really dont have an eye for detail.

Either that guy couldnt drive or the steering wheel sucked, because forza plays much more responsively.

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Its not hard to tell the truth once everyone knows a problem exist! Its not like they came out right away and admitted it. 3ds has not sold as expected and its been out several months.

Sony refused to comment on the ps3 outage as long as they could until they couldnt hide it anymore, similar to how ms did with the red ring problem.

"honor"... Wtf planet are you on? Bottomline is all that matters to corporations.

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Think its fair to say new consoles are needed now.

When mobiles catch up to consoles, its not a good thing. Especially when mobiles have been eating on the consoles plate.

People keep talking about battery life, but there have been advancements in battery designs such as nanocell tech. And there will be more in the future.

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This is the real deal! Looks like they have taken the time to do Hitman right.

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Son of a b***h!

I just spent $250 on one of these for my wife a little over a week ago and now this!

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Hey fluffy... I got tired of paying for cable in january and bought antennas. I haven't looked back since! I get about 30 channels with it. And my Netflix account fills in the gaps.

My XBL just ended and I have been getting cozy with the Ps3's free online. So at this point, I have no intention of getting XBL. But that could change in a month or two.

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@TurismoGTR... People thought GoW 3 was all cgi, but you see how that turned out!

The lesson is, don't doubt something because you refuse to believe it!

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That would look tacky, but a slim Ps3 for under $200 would make a killing in sales!

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Don't count out MS! Keep in mind they did buy a has been in Rare for 350 million!

Also, their efforts to try to have their own GTA type game in Crackdown has pretty much failed.

I guarantee they are at least considering it!

It's probably more realistic that EA or Acti will try to buy in though.

I would say Sony should try to buy, but the recent outage and several other factors make me wonder if they are in a position ...

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That picture is worth a few good, "Now you can touch your sack, on the go" jokes! Lol.

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It's all Ps3 for me right now! I have let my 360 gold account run out and have claimed the Ps3 as my primary console!

I like netflix and a lot of other features the Ps3 has. And I realized I don't use many of the features the 360 has, so I decided to not renew my Live account.

Besides, all there is to buy on 360 this year is Gears and Forza 4!

Now that most developers have switched over to Ps3 as lead platform, the 360's advantag...

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Ahhh... Darkstalkers! I was one of those few who bought a Sega Saturn and bought Night Warriors and loved it!

Have been hoping for a new one, but fear it just won't be as much fun.

Fingers crossed!

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Too late! I stopped liking them long ago.

I realized "LIMITED EDITION" means, limited to how many they can sell before people stop giving a sh*t!

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I am just keeping my expectations low for 360.

I know the next system is right around the corner regardless of whatever "10 year" BS they say! So I am only buying a few games here and there, because we will need to save our money for the new systems!

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I don't like the fact that they are taking less risk, but you have to look at the bigger picture!

They came into the gaming industry pissing away money. They opened a bunch of studios to make new ip's, which most of them went nowhere! The hardware issues cost them a lot.

Basically, they realized they jumped in too fast and needed to slow down. Now their leadership is becoming a real problem because it seems like their main direction is to make motion...

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It would be a fanboys worst nightmare if gaming related! But I think it would be a good thing since they are headed in the same direction.

The strange thing is, the way it's set up, almost makes it seem like a purchase is being made. Similar to how the name Square-Enix came about! The fact that MS filed the domain name makes it seem like they aquired Sony in the same way SE was made.

Anyway, I hope fanboys can get it out of their heads like these companie...

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If Rockstar's history holds true, then every game they release is a test run on features that will be in the next GTA game.

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@Mr space... A person is considered a fanboy when they agree with everything a company does regardless of if it is right or wrong. Yet they disagree with a competitor about everything! Even if it is something good!

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@Blumatt... But Netflix allows you to have instant streaming on up to 5 items!

A guy I work with told me he used it on his 360. His son uses it on his Ps3. His daughter uses it on the Wii. His mom uses it on her PC. His aunt in florida uses it.

All on his single account!

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