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I don't know... my Tv said the game was running at 1080p.

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I switched over to Ps3 as my primary console and bought Black ops. The first thing I noticed is that Black ops looked a bit blurry compared to the 360 version. These pictures show the same thing.

Doesn't matter because it still played the way it was suppose to and I will be getting MW 3 on Ps3 as well.

I still like the 360 and have mine, but I just can't see myself paying for XBL when there is so much cool sh*t going on with Ps3 right now!

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My britches are still wet!

Not really. I just wanted to say britches.lop.

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I wonder if the flashdrives will work...

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Don't get mad at them OneShot, perception is everything!

They can call it mw0.4 if they want. Doesn't change the fact that they have a formula that people like.

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He was being sarcastic.

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Where's the recoil?

I didn't see any until he used the sniper rifle!

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It will be a good game, just deal with it!

If you liked/loved Uncharted 2, you will feel the same way, if not better.

Every game can't get perfect 10's... that's why they are called critics.

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He lost me when he said a game must have the most advanced graphics.

Gt didnt start looking good until it hit ps2. Yet it was crowned king mainly on gameplay in the past.

The main draw for gt is having the most cars. Gamers feel like they are getting their moneys worth.

Being a person who has done a bit of high speed driving/racing, I have always felt like gt cars are floaty and sluggish.

Forza feels more arcadey, but it has ...

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How? It was hard enough trying to play a gta game on ds. Now they want one for phones. The only one it will work decent on is xperia play, but I dont think it sold well.

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The strange thing is, all these developers talk about hitting the ceiling with these consoles. Yet more gets done every year.

I remember crytek said crysis 1 could not work on current consoles, yet it is now a downloadable game.

Im getting tired of all the bs claims.

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Still on the fence with this one.

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Strange thing is, splosion man could be the family friendly franchise ms have been looking for. It could easily translate into a 3d game.

But whats more important is TP might be able to take over some of their other games and do something with them.

I just hope they dont get stuck making only kinect games.

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I pledge to go commando on sept. 20th!

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That's just perfect for me, as I was trying to sell a 360 to get another Ps3!

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A Ps3 price drop is not needed really, but would help a lot!

I have noticed 360's being sold left and right on craigslist. I am even trying to sell one myself or trade for a Ps3 and have had no responses.

It is clear that people are leaving the 360 and moving on to different things such as the Ps3.

It took me a while to accept the fact that Ps3 is where it's at right now. I have been playing on my Ps3 a lot more since I let my XBL sub...

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Hey, look it's Madden 12 and nothings changes.

*Closes wallet*

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I was wondering how head tracking will work. It seems like it will finally end one of the problems that have plagued racing games forever, and thats not being able to look where you want in an easy way.

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I'm sitting a $20 point card and can't decide what to buy!

The original idea was to buy Flower and Pixel junk eden. But I still don't know if thats what I wanna do.

I didn't know they made Flow though.

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Oh, the fanboy comments we will hear just on the title alone should be interesting!

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