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I honestly cant respect anything he says. Hes about as believable as a prostitute saying she loves you!

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Like i always say... gamestop is for trading in games that have no value to you. If there are people pissed about prices just take your games back.

Look at it this way. If i bought a sega saturn for $300 and sold it to you and you tried to sell it and no one would buy it until you lowered the price to $25 how would you feel wasting all that money?

People get irritated seeing good stuff marked up to high prices. But its to offset all the garbage games they bo...

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I just wat something that can play dune 2000 without me having to do a bunch of bs to get it running correctly.

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Nothing too exciting there. Ok i guess.

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I kinda get what youre saying, however i abandoned 360 because they lacked variety. Yet i went to ps3, i still find myself playing the multiplat games more. Still works for mebecause i dont have to pay for xbl. But the tradeoff is that games like cod dony look as good on 0s3 as they do on 360. I get kinda jealous when i watch cod on 360 and then play it on ps3. But thats the price i pay.

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There seems to be alot of live free weekends popping up. Makes me wonder if they do it to get new 360 owners online or if they have lost so many users they are trying to get them back.

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I was with xbl for 5 years until i abandoned it and went with ps3. If xbl went free i would consider switching back. But all i really miss from xbox is gears and carcassone.

It was rough for me to switch considering games like call of duty dont look as good on ps3. But i seem to have about the same experience as on 360 in reguards to gameplay.

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Pc's need lots of ram because they run lots of bs in the backhround. Consoles dont really need to be beefed up like that. Once youre playing a game pretty much all resources are focused on that. Pc still has lotd of other sht to work around while youre playing.

The main reason for ram is to control the flow of info. The ps3 had the issue of having low ram. So it had an hourglass effect on games because you are reading massive amounts of data from bluray and prosessing it...

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Hope samsung makes one too. I love my galaxy s but wish i had a control pad on it.

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Could happen, which is why Activision are trying to make the "Black Ops" name more popular.

Another telling sign is that Black ops 2 pushed forward into the future in a way of saying they are done with Modern Warfare and this will be their main game from Cod.

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Woah! I found like 5 free Vita games!

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And game sales will suffer because people will be more picky about what is worth buying. Innovation will go out the window as companies stick to tried and true.

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I had low expectations for this game but it looks like rr mixed with burnout. Now im curious.

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Come onpeople... don't downplay this. First day sales alone should have been over 500k. Look at the past launches for handhelds as proof. Work needs to be done. Hopefully they lower the price before it hits us, but either way it will sell better than in Japan.

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I'm sure black Friday helped a lot. The game coated $30. I was even debating on getting it.

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If they do that it would mean they plan on selling used games at new prices.

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For me its simple... I like girls, like to look at them, they are entertaining!

I believe others see it the same way, however, there are people who pick characters based on who they wish they could be.

Usually if someone picks a big hulking guy, they have an inferiority complex in real life. Or if a girl picks a tough chick, same thing.

There are too many psychological reasons for this too explain.

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Anything is possible! Miyamoto doesn't oversee the full project like he used to because Nintendo has him spreaded around everything.

Not saying it will be bad, but anything can happen!

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I have had screen pausing a lot even though my connection is good.

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Uhhh... yeah, I think weapons and perks might change it a Lillian bit bud.

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