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If you really want to understand how it all works watch the movie Zeitgeist. Thats some real facts about inflation and other reasons the world is f'ed up!

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When you can do it without glasses it will sell. Look at 3ds.

Btw... if im correct its a monitor not a tv.

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Welcome back old friend! Its been a while since i had a fighting game i enjoyed playing for more than 2 minutes.

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You do realize current gen consoles cant run dx 11 right? Also, you guys need to remember that ram was the main issue for ps3 and 360. The cpu could be managed and the gpu could be manipulated.

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I remember when the original came out it cost 1000! I guess this is a discount lol.

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Doesnt matter much... Sony has been lying for years! We dont care as long as the good games keep coming!

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Not worth it! Those franchises have been run into the ground. They are due to be replaced.

I still play cod and lookforward to new games but i dont play as much as i used to. Plus i refuse to buy the dlc. Because once dlc hits people abandon it.

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He also forgot how much the console and tv will cost.

Last i remember a couple years ago, a prototype 4k tv cost $50,000. And that was just the 32 inch. They said the prices wouldnt be reasonable ($5,000-$10,000) until about 2017.

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I never understood how people can complain about free?

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In english he is saying..."the f*ck"...!

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Truth is... sony waited too long! Nintendo has captured the casual gamer and portable gamer. Ms has taken away some of the core market with games like halo gears and pushing hard for people to want to play cod games on 360. Sony still has the diehard fans and some core.

The reason i say they waited to long is because ms and sony kept prices too high, forcing gamers to move on to pc iphone and android. Tablets are becoming a force and are shrinking the market for console game...

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I miss dune 2000! I hate going through hoops to try to play it. The only game that kept me so captivated that i played for over 24 hours straight!

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With sonys financial situation im not surprised. I was actually one of the few who bought ico on ps2. Seeing how sales for these unique games have been hit or miss, i can see how a 3rd game can bee seen as risky.

Also keep in mind that they probably just changed the name.

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If used games went away the industry would suffer. People are already restrictive on what they buy, and will stick with older games longer. It would be pretty much like the pc industry except there arent nearly as many console owners as pcs in the world.

Just think of how many people would just stick to cod or battlefield instead of buying new games that they may hate? The risk of buying a bs game is too high these days.

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No... if i see a $30 game i assume im about to save some money! The only reason games cost $60 this gen is because they believed that us gamers would continue to buy games in masses like last gen. They promised us larger and longer games. But truthfully we have mostly got games like last gen except they have better graphics.

That extra $10 has hurt the industry and us gamers. People like me will only pay $60 for a game that gets good reviews and fits what im looking for. The ...

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Damn that looked fun!

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Third person!

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I counted that prediction by saying verizon or att will do it instead!

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@jimbobwahey... actually the deal fell apart due to mone y! Sony wanted morerevenue from the deal than nintendo was willing to give, primarily because they did virtually all the work.

That was one of nintendos biggest mistakes!

Nintendo wanted a cd addon to compete with sega. They really didnt believe cd gaming was anything more than a fad, which is why the n64 released with a cart format.

Trust me i have paid close attention to the games ind...

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This is more of a reason that they should have done a console together. Nintendo has the first party games ms needs and ms has the design nintendo wants. Plus we wouldnt have to buy two different consoles.

Sonu has tons of exclusives so its not like they will hurt from this happening.

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