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Future proof? No! Nothing is future proof these days. But it is doing well and keeps me playing.

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Still amazes me that phil harrison was one of the reasons ps3 and psp suffered so much, and then ms hires! Things are looking up for ms.

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Believe it or not consoles used to be made with upgrades in mind. The n64 had the ram upgrade and an under slot for the disc drive that only released in japan. The sega genesis had so many addons it was sickening.

It wouldnt be hard to design a console that has slots to upgrade ram and gpu. But the cpu would probably have to stay in place.

It would be cool if we were able to swap out disc drives since those die out.

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No! Your processer determines how much you can do at the same time. Ram is how fast you can move information from a disc or hdd to the processer. Look at ram as the middle point of an hour glass. The smaller the ram the less data you can move.

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The thing i dont get is, how can it be so hard to play ps3 ga
mes on a ps4? I mean essentially it will be a more powerful ps3 becase it will probably still use bluray.

Btw... i dont plan on being an early adopter for either system. Usually the games arent that great but we make ourselves believe they are to justify the reason for upgrading.

My ps3 and 360 work fine... ill wait!

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I havent used a cheat code since vice city.

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Seemed to fix issues. Game seems to rum smoother now for me anyway.

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[email protected] cant even figure out that 27/30 equals 90%... wow!

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If online gameplay isnt free on this one ill pass.

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Or they could take advantago of bluray and fit it onto 360 any way they can.

All developers have the option to make a game look better on a console if they decide to. They just decide not to because they dont feel its worth it.

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They are better!

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I like the maps. There are multiple pathe to travel. Different areas touse tactics. Each level has its own feel but still remind yo ofpast cod maps with a different feel. Well done game in my book.

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Not bad. The most i ve seen playing on ps3 was 500,000. Then those issues kicked in and now about 300,000. I remember when i used xbl there would be over a million during the first week. I guess people are moving on or just decided to do halo 4 instead.

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Me too.

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Starting to think the only way medal of honor will be any good is if they give it to respawn to make it.

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Well when you do something that risk your life things move in slow motion a bit. Its kind of a mix between nerves and adrenaline kicking in..

You should get out more buddy.

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His title at epic was lead designer. Meaning he came up with a lot of the ideas for games. Hell... he was the main one pushing for the chainsaw in gears. Probably contributer heavily to bulletstorm.

Imagine if he headed infinity ward? Cod might take a whole new twist.

Would be interesting to see if he gets his own studio though.

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Most of the good people had already left rare before ms bought them. Ms just wanted their popular games and hoped there was still some talent left who could bring them back up.

Ms will probably disband rare and hand the franchises off to a different studio within 2 years.

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A price cut is coming. They have to. It will probably be in mid november. They just want to reap the rewards of those who want to upgrade right away.

Im waiting because my sons are tired of paying for xbl so we traded their 360 in. They dont like the new one so i gotta try to get them a slim like mine.

(Conspiracy theory) btw... we think ms are banning xbl accounts to make people open new ones so it looks like more new ppl are joining. They had a few accounts...

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Only thing i miss from being an xbl gamer is the chat capabilities. But other than that i am a happy psn user.

P.s. people really need to give ghost recon future soldier a try. Especially if youre tired of the way online shooters have been. Btw, only the tacticle need to apply. Team is the game ppl.

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