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Cant log in either. Midwest.

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1.84 vs. 1.23... looks closer to 30% to me!

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In reality all that will be needed is a setup that allows for data to be read on the disc quicker. For this gen ram was the problem on ps3 and 360 had disc space issues.

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I still say the 720 will have a quad core cpu and about 2 gigs of ram.

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With exclusives like this Ifeel more comfortable that Istopped paying for xbl and put the 360 in the living room for my wife to play kinect. Problem is all she does is play the games we already bought... mainly minecraft and carcassone. She can't make herself buy any kinect games!

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If you look at it, the most popular games this gen have not been the ones with the best graphics.

We all want beautiful games but fun is more important. And people pick what they believe is fun more than how it looks.

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I was at target a few days ago and saw the bin for this was empty. Anyone think this could fall into the rarity factor like suikoden 2 or ff7 black label?

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Agree... but to elaborate, single player games just don't sell as well. Let's be honest... most gamers today don't play through the same game twice. Which is why the value and popularity of these games drop.

People want more for their money, so adding multiplayer is a natural evolution.

Every developer wants the popularity and sales of games like cod and halo so this will happen to lots of games.

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I really hate when people judge consoles like computers. They always want more ram like it is a deciding factor. Pc's need lots of ram because they always have other stuff running in the background. Consoles generally don't have all that much going on in the background.

Not to mention the huge amount of heat 8gb of ram will create.

I know consoles are getting closer to being computers but the fact is they still aren't! They are currently media hub...

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Would be the worst business decision in history!

Because of the lack of quality in games and the higher prices we pay this gen, I have already downgraded to only buying only 2-4 games new a year! Everything else I wait for the price to drop or ignore it altogether.

Making a move like this would make gamers extra cautious about buying games because no one wants to be stuck with a sh*tty game.and can't get rid of it without anything to show for it.

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Why would they go through all this trouble if they let developers decide?

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If they were banned i would get really comfortable with the wii u controller.

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They need to buy the company that allows gamers to play online for free! I loved playing on xbl, but everytime it was time to renew it got harder and harder to justify paying. Especially when i kept looking over at my ps3.

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Thats why i dont own or ever plan to buy an ipad.

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This would be an interesting topic if the guy could use proper grammer.

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Dont believe stuff like this people. This is just more propaganda to get us to switch to the next gen consoles.

This is the same bs the news does that gets us thinking how they want us to.

I am having fun now and will look to upgrade when i get bored.

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Anyone notice she looks like Aaliyah?

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Most likely it will be a console that is easy to upgrade.

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Yes indeed!

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Worst part about killzone is no one plays it online anymore. I originally got a ps3 to play killzone 2. But when i went online there were less than 100 people playing online. Later i downloaded the killzone 3 multiplayer when it was free. Played for a week then no one was there anymore. So i gave up!

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