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What you don't understand is that a lot of gamers (Including myself) have stopped paying for xbl and have had their account adjusted to silver!

Still shows up as a subscriber to xbl to make people feel more comfortable about paying for the subscription.

My 360 currently sits next to a gamecube and an xbox 1. But it is mainly used as a dvd player since I stopped buying games for it a while ago.

Not to mentio...

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Thank god!

I was worried the games industry was making a turn for the worse!

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I used to think it would be good for them to drop consoles, but seeing the direction the games industry is going... we need them more than ever!

Because of ms and sony. Lots of developers are gone. Cost are up on consoles and games. Pc's require a lot more power just to say they have the superior game. We have less choice in variety of games and releases per year. And that will only get worse in time as developers wont be able to afford development and investors will only...

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Doesnt matter as long as they dont just focus on stereotypes. It feeds a negative image. The stereotype thing irritates me so much because i always have suburban raised mfs trying to relate to me trying to sound like they from the hood!

Malibus most wanted type sh!t! And even worse... these younger generation mfs got them thinking its alright to say n***a!

What the f is the world comin to?

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It would work a lot better. If your disc drive dies, swap it out instead of paying to fix it or buying a new one. Or when its time for a graphics update like five years later swap it.

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Or an easier way to sum it up... human beings feel a need to belong to a group.

Most gamers picked their console of choice because their friends had it! And because most people are followers, they did the popular thing.

Its kind of like apple products. I tried the mac, ipod and iphone because of how great people said they were. I can honestly say that i have no interest in any apple products.

Back on topic... people want to belong to somethin...

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I remember a time when companies like ms used to say "we dont comment on rumors and speculation". I guess either times have changed or there is some truth to it.

Dont think im bashing... because its said that sony was planning something similar with ps4.

Hopefully this will send a message to both companies so they can switch their strategy.

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This is waht ms and sony want to do. Both have been pushing for this! Which is another reason im not in a rush for the next gen.

We can bash nintendo all we want but at least they arent trying sh!t like this!

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No one sees the funnel forming! More developers shutting down and breaking up to form smaller unit who could possibly leave the big consoles alone all together!

Lets face it... sone developers could leave with no problem! Final fantasy games can be played on handheld devices with a high level of graphical power. And they would appeal to a larger audience and deal with less bs than with the big 3.

If a handheld controller comes that is worthwhile... that could...

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I like plus and would easily pay for another year just on value. Free games and discounts on stuff i wanted to buy but the price was too steep. I know this gen is ending but sonu did something good with psplus.

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@miyamoto... your logic is slightly flawed! Ms and sony are the problem! Sony would have been ok if they kept the same mind frame they used with ps1 and 2, but they got greedy as well!

You probablu dont remember but before the ps3 released (i think it was ken kutaragi) said he wanted people to have to work overtime and/or get a second job to get a ps3! Then both companies said the prices of games had to go up because of all the work going into them.

Truth is ...

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Whatever! Like it or not cod has become a staple in gaming. That would be like not releasing a madden or 2k or a fifa game. It just wouldnt make sense not to release. Especially considering the fact that when a new console comes out, gamers pretty much buy anything to justify their new console purchase.

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I hope it makes it out this year! Loved vegas 1. Had a lot of fun and met a lot of people with that one. Vegas 2 killed it and we all went our separate ways. Hoping for another great experience. They better bring back retrieval. That was the best mode!

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Everytime i hear something like this, it makes me glad i switched! Ms gets paid to run ads, gamers pay to watch ads. Investors are happy.

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Doubtful! They have moved in a different direction than in the past. We didnt hear a lot about hitman until it was about to release and it turned out well.

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On a side note, we can now see why so many other consoles are poping up!

We all love the ps3, 360 and wii. But tell the truth... if a console came out that had a good design, good games and kept the price cheap... would you still stay loyal?

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Still no ffx... :(

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Let's not forget that both companies have to face the portable market because that area is still taking away from traditional gaming.

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I noticed on the news that when they talk about the problems with violence they always say mental illness and then throw games in as well.

I have been playing shooter games since goldeneye and havent shot a living mf no matter how much of an @$$hole they are! or

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Hey marcus... i used to be hardcore about 360 from 2005 to 2010 and kept a ps3 mainly for exclusives. Then i got tired of paying for xbl. It didnt seem worth it. I didnt use any of the services besides netflix. And i lost interest in downloading demos. I stopped talking to people during matched because they were mostly little kids who were dying for attention or racist mf's with no life.

So then i realized i am just paying to play online. Which was sad because i mainly pl...

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