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I didn't read everybodys post, but I had to say... You do know the price cut is only for a limited time right?

Sony just wants to empty out their 60 Gb stock, and then all that's left is the 80 Gb stock and the $599 price!

Just thought you should know...

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Don't worry about HD-DVD and Blu-ray, they will both probably be replaced by new technology by next year! Like the HVD technology, which is said to hold 300GBs of data. Or even the TVD technology. Or something else new.

So sony can boast the blu-ray tech, but I can guarantee you... it won't live past 2010!

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I didn't bother reading everyone elses comments cause there are too many, but I had to speak about this.

The 360 isn't meant to last for 10 years! Basically what MS wanted to do with 360 was create a next-gen platform that was cheap in price. Sony has this idea of a platform that can last for 10 years.

$600 is the number we are looking at here. Now sony would like for you to believe that for that price you will be future proof.

1) The ps2 had all...

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To me White knight seems like a new version of Dark Cloud, trying to be more like Zelda! It does look kind of interesting though??? We'll see at E3!

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Wouldn't it be funny if Final fantasy stayed exclusive to PS3 and Dragon Quest went exclusive for 360!

It's a win/win for MS and Sony!

Everyone would have to buy both systems!

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Went off topic! If Lost Odyssey does come out this year it should hit in november or early december, seeing the 360 doesn't have a load of killer app's during that time. But I think that it will more than likely hit during early '08, like lost planet did.

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I wonder how good this game will be! I know alot of people hope this is the shocker from Mistwalker that will make the sony fanboys shut up about FFXIII. But I am interested in seeing this game in action!

I wish Square/Enix would just bring only FFX to the 360, because that is the only one I liked. I played 7(got bored), tried 8(it was a little better), skipped 9, and loved 10(though I still can't play blitzball).

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I bought the Collector's Edition when Oblivion first came out, and I still haven't beat that yet! So I won't be buying it.

The regular version of Oblivion is only about $20-$25. So either way you do it you will be out of the same amount of $, unless they add something entirely new to it. But I believe they said the Shivering Isles was the last thing they would add to Oblivion.

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I'm getting better at figuring out what companies will do next. I predicted they would do something like this yesterday!

It does make me consider the thought of purchasing a ps3 now... But for some reason I feel I should still wait.

I won't buy a ps3 to watch Blu-ray movies, so it can burn out when the good games come like with ps2. And other than resistance and motorstorm, I would have nothing to play.

I still think I will stick with my original p...

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Doesn't Jack Thompson look like he bolongs in a nut house in that picture! This guy hates Violent videogames so much that he doesn't realize that these violent videogames keep violent people from going out in public commiting acts of violence!

Maybe he hates violent videogames because his law practice suffered from not having violent people to defend in court or something.

I hope one day he realizes it's these violent videogames(that he hates so much) that provi...

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If your Uncle owns a Target, he may not do a price drop because he may not be part of a franchise. But keep in mind this is target we're talking about here. The main reason alot of people shop at target is because they don't like to keep the same merchandise in stock for too long, which is why target always has sales, and they always have items at great clearance prices. Seriously, during the xbox and ps2 days I bought games from target for as low as $3.24(unopened), and alot of them were goo...

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It seems that retailers may band together and force sony to drop the price! This sounds crazy I know. But if you look at it from a business standpoint... The retailers may stop buying ps3's from sony, because they feel they can't sell the console at it's current price point. Sony would have to take the deal and drop the price, or offer some free stuff in a bundle(Free game and controller).

MS may be forced to do the same as well! With the "Red ring" problem going publ...

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For some reason I think Bioshock will be received as well as Condemned: Criminal Origins. It looks beautiful, but it just doesn't seem to grab you other than the graphical aspects of the game. I was excited for it when it was first announced... But now I look at it and say, "O.K. that's cool, but I'll wait until I find it for $20!" But maybe it's just me!

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When I meet girls on Live first I wanna know what they play, then I want to know what kind of character they have(would I get irritated listening to this person for a long time). I'm not live looking to "Hook up" for some cyber or whatever, if I "ever were" looking to hook up with someone I would rather go out in "Public" to find someone...(Less time consuming and more satisfying

It's funny how people can get on Live and have enough courage to say ...

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The game "Enter the Matrix" had something like 15-25 dvd's worth of data, and through compression techniques, they got it to fit on a regular dvd for ps2 and xbox...They even got it to fit on a gamecube disc!

"Large space is only truely needed when you write sloppy code!"

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I just hope all that space doesn't get used on graphics. I'd perfer the space to be used to make a long and enjoyable game. This won't be the game to make me buy a ps3 but it's a step in the right direction. A price of around $400 would do the trick though!

Everytime something good is said about one system, someone has to say something bad about the other. So i'll put in my 2 cents!

MS used the DVD format to keep the cost of the 360 down, and because HD-DVD and ...

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OK fanboys!

The 360 has alot of defective units, I know cause my launch console just went out on me last month... That still doesn't mean every developer and 360 owner will jump ship to the ps3. Since all the fanboys want to talk about failure rates, I got one for you. The ps2 had numbers in the same area. It's just when you called sony to tell them the problem, they told you to use "your own money" to send it to farmington, michigan... and when they find out what was...

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This E3 should be different, because in the past you could pretty much guess what would happen, and have a few surprises here and there. But with the switch over, and the high cost of making games, I really can't imagine what this years E3 will be like!

I believe we will see more games for the DS and PSP from smaller developers(or the rumored DS super lite or PSP slim), and for the major consoles we will see mostly videos of new games and a few demos of whats already expected. ...

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I don't feel comfortable taking advice from a dude who looks like he should be in a retirement home tell me about the videogame industry!

I think the Xbox brand does draw a certain audience, but that was mainly a ploy to establish themselves in gamers minds. Now they are are trying to branch out with different titles.

Me personally, I like the 360 controller because of the comfortable feel in hand, and the placement of the sticks and buttons. The analog stick is ...

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Keep in mind the ps2 had a problem similar to the 360 with it's "Disc Read Error" title. But it wasn't blown out of porportion like the 360's ring of death problem. People just accepted it and bought another ps2. Me personally I had to buy a new ps2 every year(I bought 5), my brother-in-law bought 7, my brother bought 4, my friends bought an avaverage of at least 4 each, and countless other people I talked to are in those numbers as well. The ps3 doesn't have enough games out right ...

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