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Peter Molyneux is one of the great creative minds in gaming! But in a lot of ways... He is just dumb!

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In all honesty... Who cares? Demon souls didn't sell well and this won't either!

This is a game targeted at a certain type of gamer who is quickly becoming extinct!

Hopefully i'm wrong and it gets the respect it deserves.

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Has to be for Kinect! Look at the name... Blood Forge! There is so much testosterone and toughness in that name saying..."I'm for the core gamer".

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Liar! You will buy FFXIII Versus!

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You guys should have read til the end.

Translation... Wii U will cost $400!

They may be able to drop it down to $300 by it's launch.

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Doesn't matter if it's pounds, that is a great deal!

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Sequels aren't bad! It's just that MS, Sony, Activision, EA, etc. just do it wrong! They try to come out with a sequel every year or two.

Nintendo usually puts out a mario or zelda in every gen. And open up some new stuff. Which is good, but they don't usually come out with a lot in between.

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Agreed! I was unimpressed with MS,Nintendo and Sony! I was more impressed with some of the 3rd party games.

MS are becoming too corny for their own good! Nintendo just can't get it right! Sony focuses way too much on exclusives.

So if I had to say who won, it would be Sony! With Nintendo in second and MS in third.

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Overall... I am not impressed with MS' E3!

RYSE could be the hardcore game Kinect needs, but I have no intention to buy it!

I thought I would be excited for a Halo remake, but i'm not. Halo 4 either.

Gears 3, Forza 4 are the only MS titles worth looking at.

Otherwise, it will be like every other year and i'll buy more 3rd party games than anything.

So on 360 i'll get Gears 3 and Forza 4. And o...

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The gameplay looks a bit better, but it just doesn't seem right for some reason! Kinda got that FFX-2 feel to it.

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The thing is, everything MS are doing leads to their next console being released next year!

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Gotta be a Game Infarcer joke!

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The 360 has a 3 core processor KiasuKiasiMan!

You can't judge a game console the same way as a PC! Though similar, the consoles are designed to do certain things.

Look at consoles like stock sports cars such as Mustang, Ferrari, etc. Then look at PC's like modified sports cars. Meaning, you can do a lot more, but it will cost you more!

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Sounds legit, based on what we know so far!

I'm glad Nintendo are tired of playing with their Wii-Wii, and ready to get back to real gaming!

Can't wait to see what the next Zelda looks like.

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The Fable game name seems kinda MMO-ish!

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It would really suck if Codename Kingdoms does turn out to be a Kinect game!

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@Major... That's protocol!

Sony said nothing was compromised when it first happened as well. And MS would say the same thing if it happened!

The goal is to not create a panic until you figure out exactly what has been done, because the media picks it up and gets everyone crazy!

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Well, I loved Uncharted 2 and will probably feel the same way about 3! Also looking forward to the new Tomb Raider. That trailer got me interested.

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All good games that are guaranteed to suck up a lot of hours played!

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Not to mention the sticks wouldn't be placed like that! Even Sony wants to change the stick setup on their controller because the d pad isn't used as much anymore!

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