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Doesn't matter to me, I haven't bought a movie in years! I went from having over 500 dvd's to none and haven't looked back! Netflix all the way!

At least you are ensuring that your drive will have extra life by not over using it for multiple task.

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The games the 360 are capable of can't compare to some of the Ps3 exclusives in some respects, but the games have gotten better up until now! It is possible for the graphics to look better.

People thought the Ps2 was maxed out, then came God of War 2! So don't say it can't be done!

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I swear, it seems like right after I say something, it gets announced! I said earlier today that the next Xbox would get announced at E3 2012! And about what could happen with Halo 4!

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Everything is getting prepared for the new console arriving next year to compete with Nintendo!

It has already been stated that some developers have kits already! They did hire some people to work on the new console, but don't be fooled into thinking they just started making the thing. All 3 companies started making their next consoles right after these were launched!

The same thing is happening that happened with the Ps1 and 2! MS are cutting back on on ...

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Same situation I explained above!

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People still don't get it!

Say you trade your console to them. "IF" they resell it, they make a profit!

... But what if they never sell it?

The goal of these deals are to move new product, which is why they offer you this to get you to buy new sh*t!

You guys must value oldsh*t! Because when I look at an old console, I just wonder how many miles it has on it.

I guarantee you, there are only a sma...

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My head is off to the side. Because there wasn't much for me to get excited about! Everything I was interested in like Gears 3, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3 CoD MW 3, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Twisted Metal, etc. was already announced!

Wii U killed it for me when I saw that controller. 360 didn't show much and most of the games don't interest me. Most of the Ps3 games don't interest me.

Hopefully, I can get interested in some of this stuff in the fu...

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I wasn't going to say anything, but look at all the damage control! It's just Duke Nukem, which most of you don't even care about, yet you are on the defensive!

Wow... insecurity is a b*tch!

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... This just in... We are receiving word, yes, we are receiving word that it has been confirmed that "Just_looken" has no life! We are also hearing reports that he is in troll denial at this very moment!

More on this after the break!

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Always preferred to look at a female's backside than a male whenever possible!

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I was still debating on getting Socom 4 or not. But now... F*ck Socom!

... but the wait is that much longer...

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Well said Fishy!

People still feel the need to pick one or the other, when having a variety is better than anything to me!

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One of the main things working in PS Vita's favor is control setup! We will be able to play games like we are accustomed to. The 3ds' setup will be good for some games, mainly n64 ports, but won't be able to do what most gamers want!

The more I think about it... Nintendo's main problems usually come from having a funky controller that scares gamers away or looks too complicated to deal with!

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The wait is long, but this vid pointed out something! It looks like this game will borrow from Rainbow six vegas' play style a bit.

Now I don't feel as bad about a new Rainbow six not being out yet!

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Like I said... It will cost $400!

"Value for money"... That's what Sony said before we got hit with a $500 price tag!

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Thom... It's a CoD game! Why would they need to switch to a PC feed? Most people complain about the graphics looking like the past games,so it's not like the system is being pushed too hard!

For the past several years we have seen connection issues happen during live demos. Happened to Nintendo last year and Sony the year before. And people always question something.

There are tons of wireless signals in the convention center, so things like this happ...

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That line was probably all your brain processed... Ps3... Better than... Xbox!

Anyway, this seems like a good battle in the making! Could push both developers to greatness!

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Could have fooled me! The vid showed people being sliced up with blood splatter in slow motion!

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I won't be buying it!

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Good news Bad news...

Good news, Pc gamers usually play games longer than console gamers. So we can play the games we like longer!

Bad news, Pc gamers usually play games longer than console gamers. This could slow down sales of future games because people would be less inclined to buy new games because of modding.

Good for gamers, bad for the industry! That's like allowing people to run their cars off of water instead of gas!

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