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I don't have a problem with remakes, but it seems like gamers are looking for more remakes lately than new stuff!

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This gen showed that having the more powerful systems hinders the success rate, because if developers can't figure out the tech or afford to develop on the console, you have to depend on your first party mainly!

Depending on first party devs isn't a bad thing, but it means you have to hope their games appeal to a large audience! A small number do, and most don't!

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I got a comparison! Why are the 360 and Ps3 still such big consoles, while the Wii U has as much if not more power than both, in a case which is a little bigger than the regular Wii?

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Just came from toys r us. The ad is not in their paper. It was only in email. The sale is kinda done. The games wouldn't register when purchasing. Manager had to override to give me the sale price. Signs were taken down as I was leaving. LA Noire sold out! I got last copy of Mortal Kombat on 360 and got Brink on Ps3.

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Son of a b....! I was driving around earlier and considered stopping at these stores, but figured i'd go tomorrow!

Anyway, good info. I didn't know Best Buy matched prices like that!

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People are weak nowadays! What ever happened to the people like me who will say, "F*ck you, I don't want it".

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Well, some people like myself haven't put 2 and 2 together!

I have 2 modded Psp's that I don't even play. But because I bought them that way, I didn't even bother downloading the games.

This article helps because I plan on getting Vita, so I don't have to let them go to waste!

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It's starting to feel like DICE are saying..."F*ck console gamers, no matter which system they own!"

Why even show the footage to us if that's not what we're getting?

I guess they are trying to get us to buy high end PC's! I am starting to downgrade this game in my day 1 buy list!

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Uncharted 4 starring Chloe or Elena, to ward off potential Tomb Raider sales! I can see it now!

But truthfully, Uncharted is so good, they could probably put any character they want in there and it would be good!

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Negative captain! The ultimate goal of games is to have photo-realistic characters and environments that change on their own, along with realistic AI that thinks on it's own and can provide a new experience every time you play!

None of this can be achieved for at least a few decades and we will have to play them on Ultra HD TV's or higher to truly experience them!

If you think it doesn't get much better than this, you have a closed mind, and we sh...

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@Chaos... Not a chance! People will go out of their way for something they can get free!

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I was shocked to find that most games this gen didn't run at 1080p! When I got my TV, I noticed that switching would tell me what it was running.

The majority of the 360 games I played ran at 720p, while the majority of the Ps3 games I played ran at 720p as well.

I thought something was wrong with my TV, because it can display at 1080p! But playing bluray movies shows up at 1080p!

I just downloaded Wipeout HD and played it once, but didn&...

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I just wish they would do something about that dam controller! I couldn't see playing games on that for more than 10 minutes!

I'm hoping that is just the early controller.

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But for the most part, indie games get largely overlooked! This could be the one that makes gamers look into it!

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Unfair comparison! Besides, all the kids will play what the big boys and girls are playing anyway! They will always follow us to whatever we do next!

No matter how much we try to leave them behind, they find us! We left them on Halo while we went to Call of duty... They followed! We left them on Resistance while we went to Killzone... They followed!

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Who me? lol

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I get the feeling that THQ will be one of the next companies facing financial ruin!

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Save yourself the trouble and buy one now! Lots of games coming out! Be a multi-console owner like a lot of us!

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I think most people who buy into these motion controllers like it for the novelty. But some actually expect a lot from them.

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I was shocked when they said indie games! I guess indies are finally stepping it up a bit.

For some reason, when I saw the title, I thought of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure...

Teacher: Take your seats.

(Picks up seats)

Bill & Ted: Says, Where should we take them?

Stupid, I know, but it's the first thing that came to mind.

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