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@Troll Police... Do you realize how stupid you sound?

You said Ps3 has a higher attach rate because Ps3 owners buy more games. Then you turn around and say that they sell fewer games because of the variety!

The variety you speak of has a decent gap in between them, so it isn't like gamers are being bombarded with games!

And the list is pitiful... I mean, what are you trying to prove? You aren't telling us anything we don't know al...

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My Live subscription is ending in mid july... At this point, I don't plan on renewing it! I may change my mind, but I really don't buy enough games to justify the price!

All the while my Ps3 is just sitting there with free online gaming.

The main feature I use is Netflix, and i'm starting to like the setup for it on Ps3. I can't use ESPN 3 because I don't have cable anymore. I probably won't be able to use the IPTV when it's releas...

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Do a lot of people still play Warhawk? I was thinking about getting it again, but wasn't sure because of the Starhawk announcement!

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I'm pretty sure these people are just dumb! Before you play every game, there is a warning telling you to play in an open space and make sure there aren't any objects/people that you can hit.

Just like the issue with people breaking their tv's with the wiimote... This is just another example of ignorance!

@Brish... You do realize you fling your arms around with the Wiimote and Move don't you?

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I played... I liked.... I want more!

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Console architecture is designed differently than PC's! PC is designed to do many different things and has to be powerful because other things are running while you are doing whatever.

Consoles are designed to focus on specific task without all the extra crap PC's do!

Consoles have custom hardware! So while the components seem similar to what you already recognize, you forget that each console maker got their CPU and GPU custom made to perform a certa...

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Yeah, people still don't understand that!

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There have only been 2 real Zelda games in my book, and it's the original and OoT! Everything else was just too far off from the original experience!

I guess you could say they are the same since OoT is essentially a 3d version of the first one! Sounds strange, but compare similarities.

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I love Peter Molyneux's vision for trying to bring unique experiences to games. But a lot of the time I wish I could be the coach from the movie Varsity Blues, and slap him over the head with a whistle saying, "Stick to the basics"!

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How does that saying go... If someone gives you drugs, they are not a real friend!

Seeing how some people got addicted to this makes it similar to crack! So why would you offer this to a friend?

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El Jugador was just upgraded from a FANBOY to a FANB*TCH!

Both versions will probably run similar, so I don't see how anyone can say one will be better than the other!

It's obvious they are focusing more on the PC and the console version is more of a second thought!

The game will be fun to play, but won't look as good as PC. So don't worry to much about it!

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I really want to do this deal, but I get the feeling that other stores are going to drop the price of UC 2 in anticipation of the double pack! So i'll wait a bit longer.

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I spent many hours playing Vegas 1. Vegas 2 ended up breaking apart a large group of gamers I used to play with!

Hopefully the new one brings back the fun! I do know that not having Retrieval in the multiplayer of Vegas 2 also hurt it!

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Good deal! I loved Uncharted 2, but have yet to play 1. I got rid of UC 2 when I sold my first Ps3 and have been itching to play it again!

Hope there are still people playing it online, because I had lots of fun with that as well.

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Change of heart...

After watching that, I don't have such a negative opinion of the controller anymore!

That looks good, But i'd still love a full remake of OoT!

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Me too... Funcoland was better!

I tried to be open minded, because I never did like the switch over to Gamestop! But I rarely shop there unless they have a really good deal.

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Just stop buying the DLC... simple as that!

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Popcap would only be a good deal for MS if they were ready to diversify and make bigger console games! Popcap would be a better choice than their current mobile games division, but the price may scare them off considering how they paid so much for Rare and haven't seen any real significant returns.

Popcap games do well because they are fun and available on a wide variety of platforms. If MS buys them, they would have to hope that people choose WP7 over Iphone and Android,...

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You both made valid comments! However, you failed to realize that Sony shrunk both of their previous consoles dramatically!

The Ps2 slim had it's power supply moved to the power cord.

I think they keep the consoles big so we feel like they are worth the price we pay for them!

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I just got my sons to play some n64 games and was shocked by their reaction!

They liked them a lot, especially Ocarina of Time! But complained about how they don't make good games like this today! They said games today are too easy.

It made me smile, because it's the same reason I went back and got an N64!

The bad thing is, they will never know the amount of fun I had when this console was out!

Waking up in the morn...

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