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It's amazing that no one has realized that she looks like Natalie Portman!

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History shows that the weakest console usually wins. Wii won. Ps2 won.etc. with only a few exceptions like wii u and dreamcast.

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I'd consider it more of an interactive movie than a game! I have only played the demo, but based on what I experienced, as a game a 1/5 seems right. As an Interactive movie, a 4/5 seems to fit.

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Looks like they figured out the ACE!

I always used to wonder why an ace was more powerful than a king. Then I realized the ace represented the assassin! Could be anyone and you always have to make decisions based on the fact that an ace is out there!

Personal Quote: If a man stands in front of you, no matter how big or short, You have to respect him and consider him a possible threat!

If a man stands in front of you and he has no arms, you f...

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Q. If it lost the 3d, why does it still show the 3d camera set up?

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Don't worry, it will hit next gen!

They just don't want to hurt the current gen sales for the game. Then, maybe 6 months later, they will say demand is high for a next gen version. Then it will be released, so most of us can buy it again.

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Rated M?

No sh*t!!!

I guess any GTA 5 news is better than nothing!

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Hell muthaf... Yes sir Dean Cain sir!

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Harrison will probably fill the spot eventually! It seems like that's why they hired him in the first place!

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I'm curious to see how people react to XOne's little differences! Such as the system won't work unless you have Kinect hooked up!

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What would be better is to keep it free for those like myself who just want the same online experience I get on Ps3 with newer games. And then charge a fee for those who want all that extra BS.

I hate being bothered during a game anyway, so I do not look forward to more interruptions while playing!

I'm still not a big fan of this connected generation. Which is tricking us into giving up more of our freedoms by making us think all these new innovations are...

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I felt the same way! Sony seemed to do everything right with Ps4, however, the games MS showed seemed to be more interesting.

I will still get a Ps4 over a XOne. But I am a bit disappointed about Sony charging us for online play!

Plus, some of those XOne exclusives will be timed anyway, so no big loss.

The thing i'm curious about is will MS face the same troubles Sony did with the Ps3?

They s...

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All Xbox One's will come with Kinect 2.0 if that's what you were referring to!

I don't plan on getting either system right away, but I hope the prices are close to this!

I do believe both will be about $400 though. Sounds about right based on what was said in the past about console prices being too high!

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In the adult world, most people have figured out that ALMOST ANYTHING you buy depreciates once you open it or drive it off the lot!

Usually the value drops in half! So if you buy something for $500, to the typical buyer it is worth $250-$300. Because no one knows how much you abused it.

Even if you buy it and sell it 2 days later, the question will arise, of why do you want to sell it? what's wrong with it? Did you drop it...

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See what both companies do is sit in their meeting room and realize that they have us by the balls! So they figure they can do whatever they want and we will just accept it!

That's why systems and games cost more compared to long ago.

There was no real reason to raise the price of games! They made the systems unnecessarily complicated to develop for so that studios would require more time to create games, to justify the price hike!

When y...

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Don't forget the rule of 3! R* always have the maps broken into 3 islands. That way you can actually use the boats. Not to mention, there is always 3 city like areas as well.

This is probably just one island.

I wonder if they will finally put in that mythical Hawaiian island that we all looked for is SA...

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With a console, you can turn it on and start playing games.

With a PC, you can turn it on, wait for it to load and then start playing games. Which will be choppy from time to time.

Yes you will have better graphics, but I had to laugh when you said consoles cost more than PC!

The typical person doesn't have a gaming rig. In order to play some of the better games today, someone would have to upgrade.

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Not really! It's just that most of the worlds economy is based off of the dollar!

Ever heard of the Petro dollar?

Understand that and you will understand the real reason for all the world conflict and the conflict that's coming!

Take a peak at You will start to understand!

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Greed is the problem!

In the past, what helped Ps1 and 2 reach such high levels was the fact they had a lot of games and the games were cheap! On average, we paid $40 for a new game on ps1 and ps2 had tons of great games for $20.

Now, almost every game cost $60!

When you raise the price, people become more cautious about what they buy.

Developers had to shut down because of this!

I would rather sell 5 million...

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If developers keep charging for dlc the way they have been, I can see at some point people will end up spending that much!

But on a serious note, Codemasters games mostly get overlooked, so they should feel lucky to get what they can for them!

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