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is that the one based on some new show and in the game you can fight monsters and shit like that? i thought that was a ps exclusive, idk maybe i got it mixed up with dust 514 or w/e its called.

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i prefer updates that actually add features, but maybe im just in the minority.

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i agree on the psn thing. its annoying that everytime i get on an app that uses the internet it has to connect to the psn. there should at least be an option in the settings that allows us to stay connected to the internet 24/7 when possible. also i think the double tapping an app is kind of annoying. for games i understand but why do i have to double tap to use facebook or twitter, it doesnt even close the game so i dont see the point of it. and lastly, i dont like how every game makes those...

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i think if the game had more costumes it wouldve made up for the lack of unlockable characters. but yes i do agree that the roster was disappointing. for example, why the hell is dante in it? for starters he hasn't even been in a single game yet(hes a different dante from 1-4 & is from a different universe) and then this game is made for fans and you include a capcom character, a company that couldnt give 2 shits what their customers think of them and would screw us over any opportun...

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every sony game. not because they were bad(i enjoyed all of them except the move ones, i dont like uber casual games.) but because sony fails at advertising their games. they dont advertise/do very little advertising for their games and expcet it to succeed. lulwut?
anyways, ive seen the commercial for their new ps store(which is crap in my opinion) more than ive seen PSABR, LBPK, and wonder book put together. why the hell do you even advertise a new ps store? thats so stupid imo

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looks like we'll have 4 consoles next generation (because honestly this steam box thing sounds a lot more like a console instead of a normal pc). thats pretty neat, although i wonder if theres enough space for another console, hopefully no one gets squeezed out*looks at sony* cmon guys, your the only one who truly focuses on games, you just gotta stay!

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*Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch
*The Last of US
tales of xillia
project zomboid
GTA V(but thats only if it doesnt play like GTA4, i really didnt like that game)
MG rising
bioshock infinite
watch dogs
south park

those are the ones im looking forward to.(the ones with the stars are the ones i REALLY want.)

but what im looking forward to the most next year is 2 things. the...

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well if its priced lower then the next PS & xbox it could have a chance. it could use the money from steam to make up for loses.

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im not trolling(truly im not) but what is so great about linux? ive never used it nor know anyone with it so i dont know much about it or how it looks. the only thing i know about it is that that it previously able to run on the ps3 and that supposedly android is a heavily modified linux.

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i can see that working. now the question is what OS will it run? a pc/console w/ windows 8 would work very nicely because of the metro and how simplified it looks(i dont own it but used it at best buy) + it could switch to the classic windows look, at least from what ive heard. BUUUUUUUUUUUT in the end i dont think ill buy it. i already bought me a gaming PC like last week.(spent $780). but who knows, as much as i hate to admit it im a complete sucker for new things.

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i cant wait for the last of us and the puppet game! those 2 look freaking awesome.

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actually GG is working on the vita killzone & MM is working on a vita game as well. but, MM has said that they're working on something else besides the vita game.

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im sorry but why did you just call him san? we're not in japan. i can never understand why some people do that shit.

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agreed, especisally since its already going to be held down by the aged hardware of the ps3, but now its even gonna be more locked down because it has to accommodate the 360.

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so i guess its safe to say kojimas not going to keep his word about his transfarring. for those who dont know what im talking about kojima has said before that all his games that use the new fox engine will support transfarring. its a shame, it wouldve been awesome playing these games at school and then continuing on my ps3 when i get home :/ oh well.

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i found the vgas to be quite boring this year. i only watch it for the trailers and most of the stuff that was shown was stuff we already knew about or didnt interest me much. idk man, tbh maybe im just sour because i was truly hoping from the bottom of my heart there would be a teaser for fallout 4. :/

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wah wah. it was a great bundle. hope they have more like the THQ one.

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... isnt she? i always thought of her as a female kratos long before battle royale.

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hero prinny. problem solved. and besides, prinny is like the NiS mascot so hes automatically a better choice just for that :D

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