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low polygon damage (forza 3 -liar)


High polygon in well developed HD (GT5 true High res racing sim)

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BRAAAHHH!!! it shows the liez of turn 10 FAKEEZZZ BRAAAHH!!!!!

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What is 10 turning thinking?

"Here is the proof of model switching happening in Forza 3

three level of detail in the game:

1- Super high poly (10x more than FM2) = menus, selection screen, photomode, etc.
2- Medium quality (more polys than FM2) = Pre race rotating cameras.
3- Low poly models (about the same than FM2 or little enhaced) = In-game car models

Turn 10 have lied to you all and shouldn't be allowed to get away wit...

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I'm a thing of the past! BRAH! ;_;

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Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu- bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu- b ut teeeehhhh damagezzzzz!!!111 tehhh one million polygonsssss111111 te- teh- THE LIEZZ!!!

turn 10 is now turn flop

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If they did wanted to "maxed out" what is maxed out they should delayed flopza3, but noooo.... microshaft likes to rush everything.

anyway only bots care because a true well refined title is coming the next spring.

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dumb bot is dumb

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Successful yes, the best no

Uncharted engine is one of the best on consoles, cryengine on PC

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I will start making jokes of "The halol plot is so bad..."

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The ps3 version runs in a offcam shot, with different illumination settings and no focus in low resolution monitors, the 360 version was taken from a direct feed monitor with specific settings in high res monitors, is clearly that the 360 version wins in this impartial comparison.... oh wait... is not impartial

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Maybe they want the PS3 version to surpass the 360 version? you never know if they really want the PS3 to win the consoles war, they see all the fantastic exclusives coming to the PS3 and see one title not reaching the actual quality of the first and second party titles on the PS3 is kinda sad.

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What about.... Bot punisher

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bots got flopza and halol and.... a stick

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no wonder why the xbl is full of [email protected]

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Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu- bu-bu-bu-but teh Gaaaaappp!!!!111

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thank you my loyal bot, you are a living proof of the brain damage cause by the constant RRoDs

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a huge drop would be selling 50k and then returned to the constant 15k, not selling 200k and keep selling a huge 50k.

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flop in 90 secondzzzzzzzzzzzz......

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"Sk8boyP - 13 minutes ago
1.1 -
Yes, cause if it's not up to a PS3 fanboys standards it's not going to be a good game.

/facepalm "

*cough*infinite unfloppey+every360flops already told beingflops*cough*

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My unbiased impression on GT5

*Ironman Marvel vs. Capcom* "Superior Tech!"

My unbiased impression on flopza

"Sorry Mario, but the princess is in another castle"

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