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ZOMG!!! IZ TRU!!!1 teh PS3 version is not dark azz teh 360 version!!11 and and andd.... teh PS3 version haz NOT HALO!!111

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they just sold 1.8 millions.. wasn't that what they sold on a single day? they haven't sold more because people realized it sucks

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YEAH! because Sony is a dumb company that invest millions in temporally exclusive games just to make better versions on the competition ... oh wait!

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M$ gave 50 millions to make a gay "tony" DLC

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inB4 Stupid Bots

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Mass effect series, Alan wake, Splinter cell etc etc etc

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BRAH! I'm a delusional bot that got no games to play and rant the success of the PS3 games BAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!


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Just Xbots, let me show you a proof of it :


"chrisulloa - 1 day 1 hour ago
1.3 -
Lol, now you guys are saying sales matter? Haha, you PS3 fanboys are the pinnacle of hypocrisy. If PS3 does bad sales don't matter, but if it actually sells well sales DO matter. "

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"It's already sold about 250k - America. "

According to the bots, that's a flop

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Let me rewrite an appropriate title:

"I have my head in my butt I Would Pay $100 for Xbox LIVE"

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Priorities : Demon souls, uncharted 2, MW2 and still missing a lot of games

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Shut up! Leela hates you

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and you fail in proof your point by give in me the reason and instead a good follow up you rant me about something said here at the open zone... in fact you fail in trying to reason in the open zone

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specially the PS3 version

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because he is too young to understand that in economy when the money of a country gains strength compared to the money of other country the products of this country will be more expensive to the country with the weaker coin.

and that's why his brain just process :
"dur hur hur!11 PS3, it only doez everithing....eccept generate profitzzzzzz. "

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Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-but Floopzaa!!!11 it haz kars and damage!!!1

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"1) The environments have flat textures and overall doesn't look impressive at all.
2) The characters look lifeless, dead & dry.
3) The character animations are stiff as heck and the lip sync is waaaay off from the actual speech
4) The level of detail on the cars, streets, homes, trees, general people and many others have a very very low polygon count and it's clearly visible in many of the videos that you and I have seen."

Halo 3 and gears 2?

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Xbot comment about GoW3 : "Mooommmyyy!!! the game iz skaryyy!!! it sukz cuz its not on 360 and and haz a bad maaaann"

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More games for the PS3? omg make it stop!!! I just got a 54.2% of chances to get one exclusive!

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lol PES 2010, Uncharted 2, Demons souls, Ratchet and Clank etc says hi again

and Wii sports says hi on a train over your head

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