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lol eurolamer fails again, they are exposed by their own "frame counter", they put the numbers of the frame quantity on the top right and they put the PS3 version to drop frames and the 360 version steady, but to a medium trained eye if you check the 360 frame bar even if the "magic number" keeps steady the frame bar drops and the v-sync bar drops too and forces the engine. Nice try eurolamer cheat your own numbers to give hopes to my loyal bots

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functional console - PS3
54.2% - 360

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If you are a obnoxious kid or live in your parents basement then I'm the choice for you!

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Hey! I can do something else too! *hump* oh well... I can RRoD too ...

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ow cory... you make me feel hot... I'm on fire... wait.. I'M ON FIRE omg! I RRoD again ;_;

but seriously, the delay is because they are updating the Home store too with killzone stuff and some free stuff to those who bought the packs

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cory... lick me

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The PS3 sold all that even if the retailers are retiring it to give space to the new model?

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Buy me! I promise to keep you warm at nights with my glowing red ... warmth.

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off topic comment is off topic

anyway let's see how long is the single player campaign this time

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That's a lie! I...I.... ;_;

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YAY! I won the preorders and it has nothing to do with the 360 exclusive free demo with the preorder! (ups!)

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Oh..... what are they thinking? I can't have boobs on my ninja gaiden 2 but the PS3 users can have strip chicks?

what a world.. what a world...

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If the internet is not reliable then how do you call the PS3 Slim leaks being true? ok don't trust all the stuff from the internet but some incredible stuff can be said by Anons and being true.

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Bot manual of self ownage Nº1 :

Say something stupid before someone else owns me

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I saw the numbers, and already saw the public don't want the old model when the cheaper and slim one is around the corner

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YES! I won a fight of 1 man wooohooo!!!! I need to celebrate before my opponent arrives

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oh no.... I rotten the brain of another kid who can't understand that something can't be sold if its not on the shelves! I'm going to be hurt how halo3bendover will cry when he see the next numbers of the released slim ;_;

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yay! my favorite bot at the defense of something that brings less for your money all the time

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