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They are talking about the PS3 version but both versions got issues got some friends who got the 360 version and they pointed connection issues in their version and asked me if the PS3 version got issues and for their relief I told them yes.

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How must feel the bots knowing they pay more for less?

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too bad the 360 is dying there :/

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Looks better than gears or halol

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That explains why microsoft sells so "many" consoles

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Why this game looks and plays better than forza 3 WHY!!! *cries*

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Weak title... Thanks micro$haft... washing the brains of the bots to say "Woot! Halo :Roach Rulz!!11!

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"Tiburon, Redwood Shores, Black Box, and Mythic"

Wait a second... They made 360 exclusives!!!

Thanks micro$haft for ruining more developers that should be a success with the Sony brand

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Chet Faliszek 360
YLOD Service Tech

Same [email protected]

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I don't blame him, I ran out of money buying all the PS3 exclusives and still need more to buy the next ones :/

But what he did is wrong, he just should wait to the next paycheck instead doing something so dumb... unless he got a 360 and notice that invest in a gold membership wasn't a good idea after all

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oh mighty bot... show the link proving you are right!

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YEAH! its above the head and shoulders.... LIKE FLAKES! lolololol

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like NG2, ToV etc etc?

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Iz stoopiD cuz it mention Teh 360 RRoD!! oh wait.... the 360 RRoD


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so... that's how challenged people do their mental process?

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"YLOD Service Tech - 6 hours ago
1 -
Insomniac should jump ship to the 360 side. That way they won't have to sacrifice 60 FPS while having good graphics. "

YEAH!!11 Just look at Halo! ... oh wait....

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Doom 1 is better than Halo : Roach

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GIMMIEEE HALO : ROACHHHH!!!111 iz the only thing for bots to play

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of course it will... Halo : Roach will match KZ2 with 420p and 15 fps and a plutonium battery and.... wait... that's not right

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