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Yeah. Guns are the problem. Not gang violence. /s

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Seriously, how does this crap get approved?

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So, the FPS genre as a whole is 'dying' because the new Call of Duty games are set in the future.

That's what I got from reading this article.

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"While the aim isn’t steady, it’s not supposed to be; this can be upgraded over time. But the fact is is that it takes multiple playthroughs to actually level up all of your attributes."

Multiple games encourage you to continue playing after your first playthrough in order to upgrade everything. How is adding replay value a bad thing?

"The game follows a typical formula of discover a group of bandits or Infected, throw a bottle or a brick to dr...

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I'm not sure why you think simply focusing on new characters is "straying away" from the games when the AC series has always been about going to different time periods, visiting new locations, and playing as different characters with their own stories in the same universe.

If that is your reasoning for why the movie will suck, then I would have thought you stopped being a fan of the franchise since the Ezio trilogy. Because this films premise is hardly a departu...

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"Why not just do the first games story instead of doing it in a totally different way."

Because then you'd complain about them either ruining established characters and plot elements from the first game, or failing to add anything original to the source material.

Developing a new story with different characters in the same universe allows the writers to be creative and still have a narrative that both fans and newcomers can enjoy.

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"Does Black Ops 3 have a race problem?"

No, but the author appears to have a problem with white people.

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Clickbait title.

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If it's a game that I already own, or one I can easily buy at the store, mostly 360 and PS3 games then I prefer backwards compatibility. If it's a rare game that I don't own and is no longer being sold in stores(PS2 and under) then I prefer remasters.

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The music is trippy.

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This is the most accurate review I have read for this game.

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They can talk quality all they want. Popularity is what determines sales and Tomb Raider simply isn't on the same level as Fallout in that regard.

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That actually looks pretty fun.

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PSN not working again. Typical.

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"Much like Poison Ivy, Catwoman is also introduced as the damsel in distress."

Yeah. Never mind all the male characters like Robin, Gordon etc. that Batman had to rescue throughout the story.

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Do you want to pay 15 to 20 bucks a month to access a bunch of last gen titles you can purchase at the $5 bargain bin that you'll likely never finish or for the most part have no interest in playing besides a handful, through an internet connection with worse image quality and performance than their retail and digital counterparts, and no option to stream games you already own, with the only advantage being able to stream games on different devices.

Or would you rather ...

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I really dont get why people think Origins had the best boss fights. Other than Deathstroke and Joker which were glorified QTE fights at best, the bosses were literal copy and pasted from Arkham City. Copperhead was a rehash of the Ras al Ghul boss from AC, Killer Croc and Bane were reskinned Titan battles, and the final boss fight with Bane is essentially a dumbed down version of the Mr Freeze fight from Arkham City. With the exception of firefly,there was nothing creative or original about ...

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The exclusive missions are probably downloaded separately.

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Not sure how you came to that conclusion after reading this article, because there was nothing even remotely implying the author thought it wasn't "open" enough, or didn't do much to differentiate itself.

And you do realize it's not a "living breathing world" because the city has been evacuated right? I would think this game would be the exception since it ties directly to the story.

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"I'd just rather have a flawed Arkham Asylum than a high-quality open world of distractions any day of the week."

Pretty much sums up how biased this article is. The author clearly isn't a fan of open world games, so why the hell is he even playing this title? At no point did Rocksteady imply that this would be another Arkham Asylum. But rather an extension of Citys formula.

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