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Its bad business, Ive seen it going on for years now, but as long as people keep buying the industry will keep selling.

The masses just fail as consumers sometimes.

We speak to these guys with our wallets people.

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This game was announced as being built on the MGS4 Engine. Now that its not I wont be buying it, I was excited, now I'm not, the game looks like crap in comparison.

They can keep this Bayonetta rip off. I'll be looking for the next game form Kojima himself.

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For me it has nothing to do with downplaying the game, the first build looked way better. This game went from awesome to WTF?

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The first game concept was far more interesting than the stale old crap Platinum Games has turned this game into.

I had this pre ordered now its going to be a game fly rental that i suffer through for the story.

Loving the HD collection. Peace Walker is just awesome.

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Forza is a great game but I enjoyed the physics of Shift more.

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I switched my CE pre order over to the regular edition after seeing that the book ends are made of cardboard a few days before the game came out.

I was disappointed but still picked up and am loving the game itself.

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Maybe not the future but a leap in the right direction. This kind of tech opens up new game play possibilities across a lot of gaming genres and I am very excited about that.

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Hell yeah that was sick. This is how you do a game for your fans.

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As much as I want it to, I don't think that Socom is going to make it for April.

Looking more like July to me. :(

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A game like this would have done better as a PS3 exclusive.

The 360's core demographic dose not understand or want games like this, Heavy Rain sold very well on the PS3 and I think that Alan Wake would have followed suit.

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I am still playing GT5 and will be for quite some time, so I'll pass on the new Test Drive.

And LBP2 drops tomorrow.

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I am also not seeing the wow factor, it looks good but nothing spectacular.

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I picked up Sports Champions and The Fight for Move when it came out, but I have also been playing RE5, MAG, and Heavy Rain with it.

So should we also count the previous sales of these games?

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Fail indeed, because I want the PSP2 and the PS Phone.

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I only dose amount of Exclusive Ass Whippings.

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April is perfect for me,

LPB in Jan. Killzone in Feb. Crysis in Mar. then Socom in Apr.

Hoping for L.A Noire in May and MGS Rising in June.

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God Of War III

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I wouldn't mind pistol whipping the S*** outta the kid.

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Read the terms and conditions people.

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I finally got to play with it at my brother in laws I while we where having a good time we both found Kinect to be less responsive and accurate than his Wii without motion plus.

Navigating the 360 with it is cool until you realize that the controller is faster and takes less effort.

Kinect dose nothing to improve the way we play games nor dose it improve system navigation. So whats the point? "Controller Free Gaming" What a great tag line.

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