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just jealous that your not getting it, you spent to much time making up a whole [email protected] story on why not to get it.

"-haha and the xbots are happy giving M$ 50 usd per year congratulations"

what is it to you, where a man puts his money towards should be none of your god damn business, are you trying to be some sort of accountant for the whole world?

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also you get a clean view at marcus's detail towards the near end of the video, right when he's punching the sh1t out of a locust, it's a lot more f3cking detailed, and the guns two can't for get the guns.

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20/20 vision my ASS, look at the f3cking textures, go ahead babble about how much i'm blaspheming till your throats g...

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also i like the whole old waits land ruins look to gears of war 2, it matches the grittiness of the characters.

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so i'm not going to show you bullet shots, mgs4 runs at anamorphic 1024x768p, and gears of war 2 runs at 1280x720p, what you see is what you get.

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how about putting up with it.

PS, go to the open zone and you will see more bias ps3 fanatics, what your not going to comment on them because everything they say is true.

than MGS4, it's also at 720p, you can't forget that one as well.

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hear's an HD vid of MGS4's Photoshoot mode.

take a look at the jagged edges every time snake moves closer in and further away from Raging Beauty.

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the creator of UT3 said that the engine that gears 2 uses has much better implemented features than all of the games before it.

and GEARS OF WAR 2 is a 360 exclusive, and it looks way better than ps3's exclusive "MGS4"

MGS4 uses an old MGS engine that was tweaked a bit with some new features, thats all, gears was born on a next gen console.

360 can run MGS4 as well and that engine is just a tweaked engine.

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and restrictions of a DVD, that's all you guy's ever say if not even more BS, blu-ray isn't helping games look better, if it did haze, dark sector and GTA4 (ps3 versions) wouldn't have it's problems, goes to show you that blu-ray can only go so far.

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do you see anything built from the ground up for the ps3 version in these pics,


360 version

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360 version, 2007-02-09

ps3 version, 2008-05-28

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check out the rating it got from 1up, it's just posted below this post.

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the the people behind SC4 was implying on the ps3 version being a port of the 360 version, page #36, 3rd paragraph.

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