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so did Sony. Sony reports sold to consumers since 2007.
Either way it seems i was correct when i said 6 months ago i said that by end 2011 PS3 will have couple of millions lead WW, i repeat WORLD WIDE lead over 360. taking into consideration that PS3 got released one year after in USA/Jap and year and a half in EU after 360, plus being most expensive console of all time, it is mighty impressive.

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We all know it will be announced at VGA, with GEOFFF BALYY or whatever his name is.

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they could be misleading all of you. I doubt that they would be so obvious.
I call it, new IP and name is The ........

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Just get 3 year warranty and you are set. I don't understand people that don't do that when buying electronic device?!
On topic, this guy is a loser, drama queen mue mue mommy my toy is broken mueh mueh...pathetic, grow up.

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Gameplay for those who care

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No way! Any gaming gadget need a bit of hype around it, to build it up. That is why they usually get shown, 6 month to 1 year prior to release, so no freaking way. But it won't be too far behind

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2 years? PS3 is already only 4 million units behing. With one year and year and the half after 360 got released. You do the math

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Hmm interesting, this is what iheard actually from couple of sources. We still know VERY little about PSP2, some things mentioned are true, many of them aren't. So that is why title might be correct.

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my higher ups just let me know that he is in talks with Sony and EA Japan. he is also considering opening his own studio in next few months.

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lol vgchartz

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i can only imagine price on this thing

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how is this possible? Ok they don't sell as many units, but they make money on every unit sold, on both ds and Wii.
Can someone explaine? Doesnt make much sense to me.

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worst site related to gaming. Only morons visit it

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F U SCEJ, why didn't they make a move?

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you sure have a lot of time to spend most of your day on N4G. Cut the crap kid, you try too hard, its so transparent, God why do i even bother. Man you are pathetic but since you are a kid i can understand to some extent but still so annoying and cheap, you try so hard to convince others with your fake force comments. f..k off, God.
Ok i am done.

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am i the only one who had issue with controls in Warhawk?

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It did if you look at WW numbers, you know those numbers no one can track so it is easy to use them for spin "but but WW" Japan aka place where no one buys western games but fanboys think it is important. Ugh same old same old. I am tired of owning fanboys.

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nah 300k is amazing, he actually means 300k millions, new number for Sony fanboys...
Instead of sleeping on N4G 24/7 go and buy move like i did, two moves that is called supporting instead of wanting others to buy it, how it usually goes with PS3 fanboys.

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because they are AMERICAN analysts, not ww analysts lol. Besides NA is nr1 market. Get it fanboy? Move sold bellow expectations in USA THE END.
It did great in EU, will see how it does in Japan, everything is very simple if you have unbiase mind.

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WHAT?! 4hrs?

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