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Ok...but I want to play Halo Infinite day one on XSX....soooooo

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Hopefully they are focusing on making 4x4 Team Slayer maps or just on one thing.

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Nintendo Switch joy cons had this too....I think XB1 & PS4 controllers did too.

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A business needs to make money decisions sometimes and Xbox Live Gold is a great deal....it's also it's own Brand by the this point as it goes hand in hand with online gaming the last 15+ years as an industry standard.

Would be foolish to get rid of it...worth keeping just for the marketing name alone.

* I've been doing 12 month subs since 2003 so it feels like they want me on Gamepass ultimate.

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I kind of want to as well....Tried playing FF14 on PS4 but the graphics and that shimmer bothered me too much...fun game but I miss this.

Only played this for like 2 months and then WoW released so I never got to full experience all of it's greatness.

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Did I just watch the wrong gameplay, because the two videos I watched it looked like a choppy demo quality game.

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FM2 was awesome with the Auction House....

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I only play Halo for the multiplayer but this made me at least want to try the campaign.

Halo got famous for the multiplayer....Team Slayer 4v4 is what really matters. They just need good maps.

I was ok with showcase.

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* Phil said they were "Early on in development of the next Forza game"......= earliest we get it is Fall 2022

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* Crimson Skies 2
* Deathrow 2
* Bloodwake 2
* Banjo-Kazooie 3
* New Perfect Dark

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I've seen something similar in a Nintendo game before..can't remember which one though.

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** If there was a JRPG of similar quality and art style to Dragon Quest 11 it would sell 1-3 million no problem on the XSX.

* They need the games to be good first and foremost....the user base is ready to accept different types of games as long as they are fun and provide enough content to be enjoyable for more than 5-10 hours.

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It was a in-between console from the start....and was explained that way......Nobody was getting tricked...stop trying to spin it like that.

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You really think Hellblade 2 could look that good on a PS4 or XB1? Are you serious?

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STEAMPUNK Legend of Zelda would be awesome, as long as it's mixed into the lore and not just sprinkled with a tiny bit of loz.....It has to make sense.

Gun as an item like the hookshot could work as long as it's not overpowered

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The lighting for Hellblade is what sold it....The lighting is the most realistic I've ever seen in a game.

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I'm a Microsoft fan...but it looks ugly. Sony got the PS5 box art correct.

* XSX needs to go with a Dark Grey Look with slightly less green, and that symbol should be 1/4 of the size.

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I've never played a Farcry game but have known about them for years. How long of a game are they usually?

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I like the clean white look with the blue on the box art for the PS5 games so far.

I'm hoping Microsoft goes with a Dark Grey for their boxes.

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* High specs with GPU
* More higher quality games within the first 6-12 months
* Game Pass
* Xbox live = always top of class for online service
* Launching with Halo Infinite, which means one of their main games is ready at launch for first time since OG Xbox in 2001.

Microsoft has a chance to get out to a good lead if the get this presentation right, and leave at least one game to reveal right before launch to counter whatever Sony will ...

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