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I don't believe Nintendo paid for these. From capcom perspective this is free advertisement. Who doesn't want their character in a smash brothers game that is guaranteed to sell millions. If I am Nintendo I don't put your character unless you guarantee me an exclusive or something. But who knows maybe we will see Capcom X Nintendo at E3. I wouldn't have given this thought in the past but Ryu making smash has changed my mind a little bit.

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My question is why is this in Wii U section we ALL know Wii U wont be getting any of their games so....

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I personally think that fast racing neo will look better... IF the game even does release on Wii U and does not get canceled

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Eshop NEVER runs out of copies

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to be objective they did not say it would be 60fps with 8 players. They only mentioned 1080p for the game I do not think the resolution will change but the fps is still out. It would be cool but I guess we will see with reviews and digital foundry/lens of truth type analysis

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the character models in Killer Instinct and the backgrounds with the particle effects are more advanced than what you see in smash especially the fact that the camera is zoomed out. With that sad I dont care 1080p and if true 60fps EVEN with 8 on screen is impressive.

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you should be

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lets just stop expecting any semi-demanding game on Wii U to be 1080p... like seriously we have to know this by now.

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Yeah like when everyone was asking you to keep the artstyle from the Zelda HD demo

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I have felt this way and have been saying this since the Wii U was announced. Gamepad has standard controller buttons. This is not a Wiimote situation. You can give off-tv gameplay and when playing with the TV map and inventory on the gamepad screen... pretty simple.

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this news is coming from someone who saw in the eshop description for the game it said "GAME CHAT" which is different from VOICE CHAT.... my opinion is I will let Nintendo CONFIRM this before I get my hopes up too much. also I am not sure what the big draw to voice chat is... I play online all the time and never have I said man I want to chat with these people... I guess I am just different.

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I respect your opinion but Nintendo needs to stop hand holding their gamers. Every time there is even a possibility there might be an issue they overreact and make a crazy decision.

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I disagree in the BIG picture it is

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This is nintendo we are talking about here becuase of their family image they feel they have to control everything... they dont know how to let go. Its sad but true.

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I have to RESPECTFULLY disagree. i mean all of these new "next gen" engines are being made for CELL PHONES... i know without a doubt they can easily even the dice engine be ran on Wii U. It has also been said by tech experts that Wii U CPU is just different and if not using the cache properly and shared EDRAM your performance will lack behind a ps360 but dont say things like its weaker than ps360 not even a little bit just different... like comparing apple to oranges....

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well they could have said available NA for Wii U...but I understand its the Wii U

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Um also available for WiiU but I guess it wasn't worth putting that in the title

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Wow! They really are giving WiiU owners the middle finger.

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wow already huh

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