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LOL, yeah like the Wii U needs Smash Bros...MK8 is DOMINATING! I do not think Nintendo NEEDS SSB, but it WILL HELP.
Heck, I have not even turned my PS4 on since last Friday.

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You don't sound "homophobic" just ignorant. If Real life has gays in it so should games. If you want your games to be REAL, well ignoring gays makes it NOT real. I am a GOOD LOOKING straight acting gay guy and I would like to see some HOT guys in games....Not just trailer trash fake boobed nasty looking girls.

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Being gay, is a part of life. If you disagree you are closed minded and also IGNORANT. If you have a problem with gay people go and watch Diliverance. Freaking rednecks.

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You are a dork...

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The Wii U is a great system and there is NO WAY unless you sit down at home online with it for a few hours you know what it is capable of.

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Wii U, has some great games. Nintendo sells deluxe refurbished for $250 on their website. I am still loving SM3D World, and picking up Tropical Freeze
This week.

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Well without the gamepad I think Nintendo would have a hell of a time making DS/3DS titles avaiable on Wii U e-shop, which is starting soon and I like the gamepad period.

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Well without the gamepad I think Nintendo would have a hell of a time mankind DS/3DS titles avaiable on Wii U e-shop, and I like the gamepad period.

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Who cares??!???!

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Gosh it was a Mistake, It IS COMING to the Wii U...Core gamers...I freaking laugh at that fanboy statement. If someone is a CORE gamer they would want a Wii U because of the GAMES that are not available on any other system. Also kick ass ports Like Rayman, and Deux Ex...any way here it the link. It was a Gamestop "glitch" Watchdogs will soon be out for Wii U.


Uh, NFS Most Wanted had PC textures on the Wii U which could not be done of the PS360 they did not have to take the time to do that and they made some pretty cool uses of the gamepad. Just saying.

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Get over it. These articles are just STUPID, ignorant, dumb. All one has to do is look at Nintendo's comments. It is NOT going to happen. They have said it OVER AND OVER. What a waste of time to write an article like this. These people clearly do not read what Nintendo has stated TIME AND TIME AGAIN...

Even this week Nintendo stated Mario will NOT be published by Nintendo on smart phones and tablets. Mario SUCKS on tablets...

Nintendo optimizes the ga...

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You are correct, and also considering Nintendo's stocks DOUBLED last month that would mean they are still far better off then they were 4 months ago. More Nintendo Doom Porn.

I wish to God this crap would stop. Sony is in a much tighter corner than Nintendo, and you rarely see these kind of articles about them. It is pretty sad that these people who call themselves "gamers" seem to want the people who create and have created some of the best games of all tim...

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There was an awful lot of Shovelware, But there are an awful lot of AMAZING games for the Wii. Nintendo is not going anywhere. There are new IPS coming out, as well as exclusives like X.

Have you not seen that Nintendo stock is WAY UP....


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Omg, the Wii U is not "DONE" LMAO. More Nintendo Doom Porn.

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Well, I guess "gamers" are missing out on some great games. I am barely playing PS4, as of now. The only games out are more or less a rehash. SM3D Word, WWHD, Monster Hunter, Assassins Creed 4, Rayman, Sonic, Lego City, Wonderful 101, Pikmin3, Have sucked up most of my gaming time the past 3 months.

PS4 I am playing Killzone, Knack. That is it. Killzone is not even that great. The single player is short, and the online multi is alright, but I would rather play COD...

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SSX is one of my faves. Far from real, but fun. Hope another is made for the new consoles.

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I don't do PC gaming much anymore. Too much hassle, but If my PC could handle it I would rather have 60fps...

I feel like the developers are lazy. I mean common "definitive" version at 30fps on perfectly capable hardware. I don't care if the PS4 is more powerful than Xbox1, I am sure both could have handled 60fps.

I am not buying this game anyway, been there done that. I am not even that impressed with the enhancements, and the asking pric...

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Did u play it? It is a hard game, but a great one.

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Uh, no. You can't point the vita at the screen. Wii U you can. Way different.

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